Is Minnal FM serving the community?


I was discussing about the public image of Indians in Malaysia with a friend who is a Member of Parliament. I was saying that Indians in Malaysia have an image problem here. My friend was telling me that a Chinese air condition contractor friend of his hesitates to hire Indian workers. The reason being that rich customers who want air conditions installed in their houses are very particular as to who is the worker to fix it in their houses. They don’t want Indian workers. I straight way jumped in and said that this confirms Indians in Malaysia have public image problem.


Crimes and violence committed by one section affects all of the Indian community. When an Indian guy seen lying on pathway, the general remark is “india mabuk” Indian drunk. There is a lot of stereo typing when we pass remarks. But capable and educated Indians too get labeled and carry the stigma when applying for jobs, businesses etc. Negative news of Indians gets the limelight in newspapers. But we don’t have the economical and political muscle to change this bad branding. Where do we go from here? No concerted effort made by the community groups either. Everybody mind their own business. Indian Middle class apathy towards this issue and MIC leadership betrayal could be the main reasons for this debacle.


Uplifting the poorer section of the community is no easy task. This group is getting increasingly cut off from the mainstream society and economy. This section indulges in violence and the weak become easy victim of criminals. These people stay in low cost flats and the youth there are targets of gangsters and criminals. To cut short the vicious circle is huge work which only government can do. But the BN government does not have the will and wish to eradicate this problem. Corruption and racial discrimination in enforcement agencies like police in fact compound the problem.


One department I think that can lend a hand to bring more awareness and empowerment to these people is Minnal FM. They can highlight the various issues affecting the community unfortunately Minnal FM doesn’t do that. Minnal FM has become an entertainment, cinema promotion and government propaganda channel. These are detrimental and keep the community backward. BN government is using Minnal FM to keep the listeners ignorant, grateful and subservient. Those who follow Minnal FM only for news cannot think critically and analytically. It’s time the community demand Minal FM to become informative and provide real information that is helpful to listeners. The English channel BFM is thousands of mile ahead of Minnal FM in terms of quality of informative productions.


Minnal FM must reduce the cinema news and promotion and provide information that brings clarity on many issues. Government must increase budget allocation for Minnal FM so that they produce more informative program and reduce the cheap cinema news. Many successful people and professionals are not featured in the Minnal FM. Principles and great values from our epics and ancient Tamil literatures can be transformed to suit the younger generations. Indian Community must call for remove of MIC influence from Minnal FM so that the broadcasters are bold and daring to speak up. Our well being and future are our hand. We must take ownership our problem. It’s now or never.


Senator S. Ramakrishnan


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