Putrajaya supports UMNO cronies in Selangor water supply


Syabas has started to blackmail Klang Valley residents by saying that they are proposing to ration water supply to the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) next week. Syabas chief executive officer Ruslan Hassan has said that the situation warranted because several treatment plants experience stress when they operated at full capacity or exceeded their capacity to meet demands. Ruslan emphasised that the situation was critical because demand for treated water clearly exceeded the capacity of the plants’ design. Ruslan urged the Selangor and Central governments to urgently discuss the construction of the Langat 2 plant as scheduled.


Water comes from nature and is a human rights issue. Therefore SYABAS should stop blackmailing people. If they can’t supply treated water they should return the water assets to Selangor state that is keen to takeover. Privatizing such an essential social commodity for profit is a violation of human rights by BN government. Since Pakatan Rakyat is providing 20 cubic liters of free water, the next government will be compelled to do the same. Therefore BN must reverse the privatization of water supply back to states. UMNO/BN federal government has wasted RM6.5 billion to bail out the UMNO cronies who are operating the water assets in Klang Valley when they defaulted in debt repayment. All bailouts can be saved if water assets are returned to states and operated efficiently.


Selangor state government is insisting that spending RM8.65 billion of public funds in building the Langat 2 plant which is proposed BN federal government and their cronies are totally unwarranted when water levels in the seven dams in Selangor are full to the brim and overflowing. So the issue here is not the supply of raw water but treatment of water. Syabas must explain to customers why the treated water level is low. Water treatment in Klang valley has been privatized to 4 companies. They are


  1. ABASS


SYABAS buys treated water from ABASS and SPLASH and distributes to customers in Selangor and KL. SYABAS was not paying these companies thus affecting their cash flow. Selangor government did not agree to raise water tariff by 75% because they claim that certain conditions not fulfilled. (Now court case) SYABAS has not reduced the NRW which is water that is lost before it reaches consumers due to broken pipes which amounts to 35%. UMNO/BN wants to twist Selangor resident’s arm into voting for BN. UMNO/BN should not blackmail Klang valley residents to vote for them. Malaysians have changed. They can see through what UMNO is scheming. If SYABAS which is an UMNO linked company (ULC) cannot deliver they must return water assets to Selangor state.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan



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