Johor DAP today slammed the call from an Umno elected state representative for “true hudud” to be implemented for all in Johor, as unhealthy and detrimental for nation-building. But why is MIC very quiet when one UMNO Kemelah state assemblyperson Ayob Rahmat’s recent statement that Johor should implement ‘true hudud’ law that applies to both Muslims and non-Muslims. MIC Johore leaders are cowards and dare not open their mouth against their UMNO masters.


During the Tenang by election in January 2011, MIC leaders in Johore frightened Indians in estates and interiors in Labis and Tenang that should PAS win, Indians will be forced to convert to Islam and women must cover their head with tudung. When went around making house calls to canvass, women folks questioned and refused to support. Today it is not PAS asking for Hudud law but UMNO state assemblymen and the MIC leaders are quiet like mouse. Why are they not protesting against UMNO assemblyman Ayob Rahmat.


From this episode Indians in Johore will know that MIC is UMNO apologist and they don’t have a backbone to stand up against UMNO and extremist. They are there to receive allocation from the UMNO leaders. Having received allocations from UMNO/BN all these years can they ever stand up for their rights? The mere thought of it will send shivers down their spine.


Indian community was led down by MIC/PPP parties in BN. Kampong Wira folks in Tenang were repeatedly promised alternative land by MIC and the Menteri Besar once the double track railway project starts. They were promised in 2 elections and an alternate land was even shown as a relocation site. But when the houses were broken to make way for double track railway beginning this year no MIC leaders came forward to help. The houses were broken with FRU standing guard. Johore Indian Exco member and labis MP declared that they don’t know about the houses being broken. Calls to Mr Asojan the johore Indian exco went unanswered. That is MIC the dispatch boy of UMNO.


Johore Indians need to open the eyes see the true color of MIC and UMNO. Indians are left poor and dry and far behind in the UMNO hardland Johore. Time to wake up and make a difference.


Senator S. Ramakrishnan


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