UMNO has revealed its true character yet again



PM Najib has been going around the country meeting Indian community asking them to have NAMBIKAI (trust) on him. But Najib’s complete silence after Sri Gading MP’s remark on Datuk Ambiga, has made MIC president to assure the NAMBIKAI of PM Najib is sincere. MIC president has to come out to reassure the Indian community that MIC does not endorse Sri Gading MP’s treason call to hang Datuk Ambiga. But Datuk Palanivel, why the PM who wants NAMBIKAI from Indians did not reprimand the Sri Gading MP for his vengeful remark on Datuk Ambiga? More insulting is the Sri Gading MP’s reluctant apology to please the Dewan Rakyat speaker. If PM Najib is silent and tolerate such an uncouth remark from an UMNO MP, how can the Indians have NAMBIKAI on PM, UMNO and MIC?


If asking for a free and fair election by a harmless Indian woman is such a treason charge for UMNO to call for hanging, can Malaysians ever trust (Nambikai) them. It only shows that UMNO is a racist, hate Indians and will stoop very low to punish anyone asking for fairness and justice. Political parties working with UMNO pretending all is fine are useless and spineless. The talk of Indians returning back to BN is to appease UMNO and to impress that they are still needed to win back Indians for UMNO. They are misleading UMNO to believe in their own lies.


UMNO goons started to show their true colour way back in 2009 by dragging a cow head to protest against shifting of temple in shah Alam. No PAS leader has ever done anything like that. It is only UMNO that has been calling non Malays by names, introduced the INTERLOK book to systematically derogate Indians and feels insulted when a Non Malay calls for free and fair elections. In any other country Datuk Ambiga will be a heroine. But in Malaysia UMNO cannot accept any Non Malay to be a hero or heroine. Can such a political party lead this country in future? The whole world is marching forward leaving behind racism, nepotism and corruption behind but UMNO cherishes all these evil qualities. By their acts and deeds UMNO is becoming irrelevant and losing the plot to lead this blessed nation.


UMNO is caught and wrapped up by their lies and propaganda. UMNO leaders don’t love their party but the power and wealth they inherit by being in the party. The same with other component parties too. Money is the glue that stitches and binds them together. UMNO/BN leaders will mudsling and hug each other as long as there is honey and penny. They will be the first to desert the party when the honey and penny dries up.


After 55 years in power, they have become very arrogant, violent and out of touch with the ground reality. Even Malays are deserting UMNO by the days. Malays too find UMNO loyalist intoxicated with power are abusive. Little do UMNO realize that the ground is shifting down and under? UMNO/BN will not be able to survive the 13th GE. So when will our PM call for election?


Senator S. Ramakrishnan


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