Place for breeders of cows and goats in Johor



Place for breeders of cows and goats in Johor


Dr. Ramakrishnan a/l Suppiah:


Mr. Speaker, food security in Malaysia. Our country is a major food importer, but there are a lot of farmers in the state of Johor and other states who have cows and goats, but they have no place to keep them. It should have a policy to develop the food industry. So I want to ask the Ministry of Agriculture, why there is no provision of land for the livestock? There are no land for livestock in places like Labis and other parts in Johor. They work in estates just rear cows and some of them have been fined by the estate management. So they are now in trouble. They have to pay fine and no place to keep their cows and goats. I ask the Ministry of Agriculture to provide place for these cattle farms in Labis and other towns. By providing support these farmers the production of foods can be increased and food import can be reduced.


Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries I [Dato’ Wira Mohd Johari bin Baharum]:


The Honourable Senator Dr. Ramakrishnan a/l Suppiah raised designated area for the development of cows and goats to be constructed in Johor. For the information of the Honourable Senators, the ministry is concerned with the problems faced by the farmers in Malaysia that do not have the barn or enclosures. Under the Satellite Farm Program, Department of Veterinary Services provides a barn infrastructure for a systematic livestocks system to be established and do not caused problems to the public. To date there are 59 units of satellite farm barn has been completed and 32 of them are in operation. In Johor satellite farms of five units have been built in Lubuk Bakul in Pagoh, Kampung Queen in Kota Tinggi, Hulu Bakri and in Batu Pahat, Peta Temalek in Labis and Bagas in Segamat.


For information, each state is allocated grazing area that can be requested from the state government under the supervision of the Veterinary Department. In Johor, the state government has provided 36 units with an area of grazing area covering 3,300 hectares of which rental rate is RM25 per hectare per year. In Labis District alone, the Johor State Veterinary Department provides grazing area covering 314.8 hectares in Jauseh and in Redong, Kepoh and Peta Temalek. Veterinary Department is also encouraging livestock owners to obtain the permission from the owner of livestock for farm integration in oil palm plantations and apply the smart system where livestock is controlled by the electric fence and moved every two days to new paddocks to avoid damage to trees and soil.


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