Is the prime minister’s announcement on matriculation just a vote winning gimmick?


I received an email from the Indian graduates of University Malaya NGO narrating their disappointment and disgust at the false announcement of Prime Minister that the government has increased the matriculation intake this year (2012) onwards by 1000. That makes the total to 1500 places for Indians in matriculation colleges. As we all know in Feb 2012, Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, made the announcement, an initiative which was applauded by the Indian community at large. Besides, top 100 Indian students who receive first-class degrees will be given full scholarships to pursue postgraduate studies at public varsities. When Indians can’t even get matriculation entrance how will they get first class degrees?


The NGO formed a task force to collect data on the number of more than 7 A students who did not get matriculation places and what is the actual number of Indian students who got into Matriculation College in 2012 after the PM’s announcement. Only 700 students were admitted to matriculation colleges despite the 1500 seats offer by PM. The task force received calls from more than 400 other students from all walks of life who got more than 7 A’s and did not get places in matriculation colleges. It’s sad to note that instead of questioning and securing more matriculation seats, MIC leaders are protecting and giving excuses for the UMNO/BN government. No BN Indian component party has ever alerted the public or voiced their concerns for being short changed by the PM. MIC ministers plead ignorance at the number of students enrolled in matriculation. But when PM announced the seats they know how to appease and praise him.


As I have been saying that the public announcement of PM is just vote catching gimmick. The bureaucracy is least bothered about whether the Indian community gets what is due to them. I have parents meeting me to appeal on behalf of students who got 10 A’s and 7A’s rejected for matriculation programs. Please do not take prime minister’s announcements as genuine accommodation and acceptance of Indians. The Malaysian bureaucracy functions with its own BTN agenda and their corrupt practices. It’s beyond the control of even the prime minister. Racist, hardliners and corrupt leaders are leading and steering the ruling BN government.



UMNO/BN are racist parties governing with divide and rule policy. It is never their intention to share the wealth of the country with other races despite knowing well that 90% of tax payers are non Malays. UMNO is an ungrateful, greedy and corrupt party which has lost all moral right to be in power. It wants to hang on to power at all cost. Malaysians need to save Malaysia from BN.


Senator S. Ramakrishnan


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