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MIC apologists provided escape route for UMNO in Matriculation seats

June 18, 2012

MIC president had announced on Saturday (16/6/20120) that those who were rejected for Matriculation intake will be given seats in AISMT University. This announcement is to calm down the 400 over students who got more than 7 A but were rejected by the ministry of education. But MIC/BN must explain why despite making public announcement that 1500 seats were allocated for Indian students but only about 781 seats are given? Datuk Seri Palanivel said 700 seats were given. Datuk Murugesan said 800 seats were given. Datuk Ravin Poniah’s secretary said 500 over seats were given in the first intake. So what is the real figure is not known too. But the minister of education couldn’t be bothered about the broken promise of Prime Minister. Indians are only needed for vote purpose and nothing more than that.


During the appeal period for those students who were rejected in the first application where assuming only 700 were taken in, both Datuk S.Subramaniam and Datuk G.Palanivel had announced that the balance 800 seats will be filled. But in the appeal only 81 students were taken in. What happen to the balance 800 will be filled? Instead of demanding the PM to fulfill his promise, MIC leaders have given him an escape route from his promise by announcing that those who were rejected in matriculation intake will be given place in AISMT University. With MIC around it is so easy for UMNO to just ignore Indians. UMNO keeps MIC to act as its apologist to Indian community. MIC has compromised our rights to education many times over.


Can MIC offer scholarship to all these 400 over students? They owe an explanation to the Indian community how they are going to support and sponsor the education of these students from pre-university and university level. Datuk Devamany said that intake of students for matriculation consists of 90 per cent bumiputera and 10 per cent non-bumiputera. Why should it be so? What is the entry requirement for Malay students? Aren’t we citizens of this country and contribute to the coffers and economy of this country. It is the racial discrimination that makes Indian students expect low and have low self esteem. With MIC/PPP around we don’t need enemies.


BN government has systematically alienated the non Malays from the education system. These 400 over students will not be able to go back to the government education institutions, scholarship and any other support. UMNO can rob us in day light despite openly promising in front of a large ponggal gathering in Kapar in February this year. The excuse is the ministry of education did not receive any circular that extra 1000 seats were offered to Indian students. As long as Indian community is naïve, ignorant and forgiving UMNO and their MIC/PPP dispatch boys will keep us begging for pittance. Be the change agent for the change we want to see. It’s now or never.



Senator S. Ramakrishnan



Convert 180 million loans into grants for Indian businessman

June 14, 2012


Premier Datuk Najib Tun Razak’s offer of RM180 million as loan to Indian community must be another vote buying gimmick. He and all the UMNO leaders know that non Malays who are born and bred in Malaysia are alienated from all government and GLC’s procurement. The BN government has set up so many restrictions and conditions on non Malays to carry out businesses. Bakeries selling bread must have Halal certificate. To apply for halal certificate the applicant must have bumiputra partners and bumiputra employees at manager levels The BN government has completely marginalized non Malays from selling anything to Malay market in the name of Halal certificate. Yet MIC/UMNO leaders can pretend all is fine and that BN really cares for Indians.


One of my cousins wanted to import goats from Myanmar somewhere is 2006. When he went to customs and agriculture department for permits to import, he was told that he can only import under a bumiputra name. My cousin then went looking for a trusted bumiputra partner to import goat or at least lend his name for the purpose. He managed to find one from the same business. He imported goat and sold in Malaysia. After the first import the bumiputra partner went to Myanmar and started importing himself. My cousin lost a reliable source of supply. This is how many small time Indian businessmen incur losses and face difficulty to doing business in Malaysia. My cousin was so frustrated that he brought many friends to the Hindraf rally on 25th November 2007. He also has buses trafficking workers. He has to get bumiputra to get permit and pay a monthly fee. With all the limitations and difficulties our Indian brothers and sisters have to do business. No other country in the world has this kind of cunning and malicious restrictions on its own citizens to do business. UMNO has and the stupid MIC/PPP can’t see that for obvious reasons. Local councils (majlis tempatan) issues licenses generously to Malays but impose quotas and limits to non Malay stalls even in non Malay areas. Mr Prime Minister despite your 1Malaysia campaign, UMNO is racial and hypocritical in its policies.


Datuk Najib, enough of election sweeties and goodies for Indians. Urban Indians have woken up and our rural cousins are waking up. Get real and come down to the crux of the matter. Indians need genuine opportunities and level playing field in government and GLC procurements. At least remove all malicious restrictions created purposely to alienate non Malays from supplying Malay and government sector. We are not begging but we want the BN government to be fair and don’t use religion to hinder our businesses. Even the Arabs are more liberal and they don’t bring in halal issues to restrict us.


Mr. Prime Minister the least you can do now is convert the RM180 million loan offer into grants for indian Businessmen.


Senator S. Ramakrishnan



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