MIC and PPP leaders and branches have lost all moral rights to represent Indians

Merlimau MIC and PPP branches have made police report asking government to withdraw citizenship and the datukship of Ambiga Sreevasan on 18th May 2012. They have said that they oppose the visit of Datuk Ambiga sreenivasan to Merlimau on 20th may 2012. They have further claimed that under BN government the country is peaceful and that Indians are well taken care off.

The gathering on 20th May 2012 supposed host Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan in Merlimau, Malacca was cancelled in view of the violence from Perkasa and UMNO youth.  Fortunately, Datuk Ambiga did not turn up for the gathering as probably advised not to attend in view of the evil UMNO plans. Stones and eggs were thrown at those who attended by UMNO youth and Perkasa gangsters. They want to turn Bersih rallies into a racial issue because UMNO cannot accept the fact that an Indian lady has led the largest gathering in the history of Malaysia. UMNO national leaders tacitly support the harassment and hackling of Datuk Ambiga attending any gathering.

Datuk Ambiga led a group of NGOs asking for fair and free national election. At least 250000 people from all walks of life gathered in kuala Lumpur and many more gathered in 80 other cities throughout the world in support of Bersih 3.0. She is one of the greatest citizens of Malaysia. Datuk Ambiga is an inspiration and role model to women. Yet these Merlimau MIC and PPP branches to please UMNO and Perkasa went ahead and made police report to withdraw her citizenship and Datukship.

MIC and PPP leaders are ignorant and subservient to the racist UMNO.  These MIC and PPP idiots and country brutes claim that BN government has taken good care of Indians. MIC and PPP leaders act as runners and dispatch boys of UMNO. With MIC and PPP around Indians don’t need any enemies. MIC and PPP national leaders must openly declare whether they support Datuk Ambiga?  Why is it that MIC and PPP national leaders are quite on the reckless and stupid acts of Perkasa and UMNO? Does it mean that MIC and PPP leaders support the bugger stalls and butt exercise in front of Datuk Ambiga’s house?

Can the Indians ever depend on MIC and PPP to ensure their rights and welfare will be safeguarded from the encroachment of UMNO? Will MIC and PPP uplift Indians and make us equal citizens of this country? MIC and PPP leaders and branches have lost all moral rights to represent Indians. In the coming national election the concerned citizens of this country must ensure that PPP and MIC are got rid with and buried for good. They are stumbling blocks and a hindrance to Indians progress. They are only useful to UMNO and a nuisance to Indians.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


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