Malaysia has betrayed its own citizens

Indians who carry red identity card in Malaysia have no right in the country of their birth and residence for the past 50 years. They cannot get proper job, no hospital and welfare benefit and no voting right. Children with red IC have problem enrolling in schools. They will be denied basic human rights. Many have passed away without their rights being given to them. Below is the breakdown of red identity card holders based on country of origin. Indonesia 164430, Malaysia 55758, Filipina 22416, India 21456, Thailand 8718, Singapore 6894, China 4731, Cambodia 3033 and Others 11171 totalling 298607.

Most of the Indian born permanent residents must be old. After 2008 general election, ministry of home affairs to win the hearts and minds of Indians created my dafter program. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has said that 2,220 of 3,335 applications by the Indian community for Malaysian citizenships and permanent residents have been approved. 4 years after the tsunami election only 2220 Indians got their citizenship. How long will it take to get citizenship for the remaining 21456 Indian born red card holders? High percentage of the 55758 Malaysian born red card holders must be Indians.

Besides The National Registration Department recently disclosed that there are 43,000 Indians, born in Malaysia, who have not applied for their MyCard. Currently, there are about 17,000 still waiting for mycard applications to be approved. This shows the level of alienation and neglect of Malaysian Indians in the process of nation building in last 54 years. The BTN racial indoctrination and government incompetency have caused miseries and sorrows for Malaysian Indians.

A Malaysian father with mother Singaporean was denied mycard for their child. Malaysian born Indian who has evidence of birth in government hospital was given red identity card due to late registration. My cards and blue identity cards have been denied to Malaysian Indians for small and trivial anomalies. They were made to go back and forth from state registration department to Putrjaya office. Indians who are poor can’t afford these wasted trips. Malaysian Indian born in Sabah applied to settle in Johor because he is married to a Johorean cannot get his IC address transferred. For these people going to government department gives no hope and just being pushed from one office to another until they come back to the first office again.

MIC which is a part of this racially discriminative system against Indians claims that they saved Indians all these while. Yet when PKR leaders went to protest and submit a case of student with red IC to Prime Minister Office MIC employs Indian gangsters to prevent and disrupt the submission. Whether there are 300000 or 30000 is not issue but after 54 years there are many Indians without IC/BC. Is that the issue? MIC must support any group that helps stateless Indians and not employ gangsters to preventing others from helping Indians. MIC has lost all moral right to claim that they are the Indian representatives. They are for all practical purpose UMNO reps and stooges to champion Malay hegemony and suppress Indians. It’s time to reject all Indian parties in UMNO dominated BN. They have sold the Indian dignity and pride to UMNO to enrich themselves.

The prime minister has also set up a Special Cabinet Committee to look into the affairs of the Indian community. These are political gimmicks to appease Indians. There is no change in the policies and directives given to civil servants in the registration department. There is no department to handle the clearance of pending applications. BN is only interested in Indian votes and nothing more than that.

Let’s start a real and meaningful political transformation that brings peace and prosperity to all and get rid of old outdated regimes that divide and rule. Datuk Najib’s transformation is all big hype and waste of public fund. It benefits UMNO cronies. Young Malaysians are for multi racial and multi religious country. They are for government change. All elders please support them.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


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