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Six new sites for Tamil schools

April 25, 2012


Midlands Tamil school

April 24, 2012


PM on 5th gear towards general election

April 19, 2012

Prime Minister Datuk Najib Tun razak works as thought he is the president of Malaysia. All other ministers including DPM have become subdued in their media coverage as compared to Datuk Najib Tun Razak. The PM has taken upon himself the task of reviving the fortune of UMNO/BN after their worst election in March 2008. Soon after taking the premiership, he announced the ambitious political (GTP) and economic transformation programs (ETP). He bulldozed the implementation of these programs sidestepping the government departments by creating a new unit PEMANDU under the leadership of Datuk Idris jala. Billions have been poured into the projects. GTP primarily targets improvement in cost of living, crime rate, Preschool education, rural basic infrastructure, public transportation, uplifting low income household and corruption. ETP focused on enhancing competitiveness and economic growth.

3 years after implementation the programs, PM says the results and scorecards are encouraging. But many critics are not optimistic about its achievements. Since the launch of GTP, Crime index of Malaysia dropped to 60th ranking from 56th. Cost of living continues to go up. Public transportations are still in shambles. Even economic growth is far slower than initially projected. Private sector investment is lesser that envisaged. ETP projects are creating more jobs for low wage earning foreigners. ETP targets 6% growth from 2011 to 2020 each year. In 2011 economic growth was 4-5%.  Government debt is still increasing and fast approaching the debt threshold of 55% of GDP. The divide between rich and poor are getting wider. BN government simply ran out of ideas to outgrow the external and internal challenges.

Institutionalized racialism and corruption is slowing down the transformation programs. PM and UMNO has no will and wish to bring about the structural transformation. DPM claims Malaysian education is better than UK, US and Germany yet every year thousands are send to these countries for further studies.  All our neighboring countries are racing to overtake us in economic growth, political stability, corruption and good governance.

The prime minister nitiated civil liberal reforms by amending and abolishing rigid, restrictive and draconian laws like ISA, PPPA, UUCA and emergency ordinance. The emergency ordinance was replaced with peaceful assembly bill; ISA is replaced with security offences (special measures) bill. Amendments are being made to UUCA which still do not provide the freedom to students to participate in off campus politics. It’s like old wine repacked into new bottles to appease voters.

Datuk Seri Najib is now rushing to implement the minimum wages to win over the workers support. 40% of our work forces are foreigners. 34% of Malaysian workers earn below RM700 which is below poverty line. Malaysian workers job security and income are regressing with more foreign workers imported and foreigners are now openly engaged in small trading in market places. UMNO/BN has lost the plot to lead the country. PM has tried all tricks in hand but nothing much to show. Now he is bribing the rural and poor voters with BRIM which is Beri Rasuah 1 Malaysia.

It’s time to change the government for at least one term. Let UMNO/BN be in opposition and Datuk Najib be the opposition leader for one term. This is a must to eradicate institutionalized racism and corruption.  Indians should be part of the change looming large in Malaysian politics. Let’s raise up to the occasion. It’s now or never.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


The modern Midland Tamil school is our pride

April 16, 2012

While the Prime Minister is going around promising to upgrade Tamils, the Selangor state government together with the support of Midland Tamil school Board of Governors has built a Tamil school which looks like a college. This effort of a state government is unprecedented and a welcomed effort. The new school complex stands majestically beside the old run down school building. The Selangor Menteri Besar declared open the new school building which includes a convention centre yesterday (15/4/2012). The first Tamil school with a convention centre. It was a proud moment for the state government, parents, teachers, board of Governors and students and all those who were present. Apparently the school teachers and headmistress were told not to attend this opening ceremony by Selangor Menteri Besar by the Selangor education department. To UMNO BN their political interest supersedes the crying call of Indian community.  But the new Midland convention centre was filled to the brim by people who were proud to be present during the opening ceremony.

It was announced by the Menteri Besar during his speech that the school building with the state of art facilities was completed with a state grant of RM3 million and the school board of governors raised RM1.7 million. Well the same building would have cost the federal government at least RM 10 million. If a college like building is built for RM5 million whereas federal government builds Tamil school for RM9/10 million, look at the level of overpricing and corruption in government expenditure. The Prime minister has been making a series of announcement that RM440 million will be spent on the reconstruction and upgrading of Tamil Schools. Well, how much of the millions spent on the reconstruction of Tamil schools would go to crony contractors or rechanneled back to the government? Based on the assessment of informed sources Tamil schools will only get 1/3 of the building value due to overpricing and UMNO cronies getting the jobs.

The local MIC leaders who fought hard to sabotage and hijack the building of Midland school may not know where to show their faces. They were against the building of this school which is beside the old present school because the state could only allocate 3 acres of land. The present location is ideal because the school is surrounded by flats and houses from where the students come from. What is needed now is the demolition of old rundown school building and turn into a field. Then it will be the best school in whole of Malaysia.

BN Indian leaders must realise that they could not have build such a state of art Tamil school under the UMNO regime. Therefore they must put aside their political difference and work for the betterment of the Indian community. Unfortunately knowing the current state of affairs in BN on the ground level, this is a tall order to ask for. BN do not have dynamic generals and dedicated soldiers to uplift Indian community. All the goodies announced by PM are election handouts without any policy change. Committed Indian leaders in BN have given up hope on UMNO and left or retired. It’s high time that the Indian community become politically aware about what is happening around and be prepared to adapt to new changes. Politics have changed in Malaysia after 2008. Past achievements and contributions are forgotten and therefore Indian community must reposition itself to remain relevant to the political changes. Agencies like Minnal FM and other government news providers will keep feeding Indians with government propagandas. The community must know who are friends and enemies.   There are a lot of obstacles placed to prevent Indians from being kept informed on the larger political changes. The poor and rural Indians have to join their urban cousins to become a political block. Change we must. It’s now or never.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Number of Indian ministers in the new government…

April 12, 2012