DONG JIA ZONG group has shown the exit door to MCA

Yesterday (25/3/2012) the Chinese community made a strong presence at the DONG JIA ZONG ground in Kajang protesting at the inaction for 40 years by ministry of education to resolve the problem of temporary and not enough trained teachers in Chinese schools. The strong gathering and the fiery and firm speeches from the Chinese education umbrella group would have sent clear message of how this community feels over the inaction and empty promises.  The goose of deceit and lies by the ministry of education to Chinese schools has finally come to roast them just before the 13th general election. Tamil schools are worse off then Chinese schools but the community is blissfully ignorant and living in a make believe world where all are fine. Well, unless we become informed and act firmly, nothing is going to change for Tamil schools under UMNO BN rule.

MCA president has commented that Dong Jia Zong need not organize such a gathering for it would not serve any purpose. The deputy education minister and MCA youth chief Wee Ka Siong attended the gathering and was booed and heckled each time the speakers took a jab at the ministry of education. Wee lamented later that the rally has been hijacked by the opposition to attack the government. These episodes reveal that the MCA has been outcast by the Chinese community.  MCA is like MIC. It’s all about self and business interest at the expense of the community and serving UMNO, the oppressor, obediently. Despite the increase in student intake in Vernacular schools, the numbers of Chinese and Tamil schools have been reduced by the ministry. MCA did not protest but pretend to take action.

More and more non Chinese parents are sending their children to Chinese schools. It is estimated that 20% of Chinese school students are non Chinese. Chinese schools are built with the support of the community and they have made a success story out of it.  There are more non Chinese in Chinese schools than non Malays in national type schools. They are more multi racial in numbers compared national schools. This is because Chinese schools have provided higher teaching standards. Unfortunately those in the education ministry did not buck up to improve the national schools. Instead they were busy thinking how to politicize education and abolish vernacular schools.

Ministry of education was never keen to support vernacular schools. They started sending non Chinese teachers to Chinese schools so that they can change the medium of instruction gradually. They deliberately delayed the training of teachers in vernacular schools. Ministry of education has never implemented multi culturalism and plurality in their education policy. The Dong Jia Zong chief put it bluntly in his speech that the ministry did solve the teacher shortage because it did not have the political will.

Yet MCA and MIC were holding the shoulders high thinking that they are protectors and guardians of vernacular schools. They will make vernacular schools to kowtow to UMNO racist agenda. MCA and MIC must be removed before that happens. It’s now or never.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


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One Comment on “DONG JIA ZONG group has shown the exit door to MCA”

  1. shamugam Says:

    First and foremost, talking abt tamil schools for the sake of elections as become a norm for all politicians. Unlike chinese schools no one indian is gona employ an Indian from Tamil school just on the basis of tamil school. However the chinese employ alot of ppl from chinese school. Thats the reality.

    As for the economics , if u r talking abt Anwars political ecomics then maybe u r rite. Reality check says that no foreigner would invest in a country going bust. I bet u that the foreigners know it before the Pakatan would even smell it.

    So brother i am an Indian, and i am very happy with the present BN govt.

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