The roof collapse in SRJK (T) Serdang is another proof of Tamil schools being not part of education system

SRJK (T) Serdang a 50 year old fully aided school with 700 pupils is located near Putrajaya the administrative capital of Malaysia. PWD inspected the school in 2002 highlighting the leakage in the roof and the damaged wiring system. The school administration and PIBG sent several letters to the Selangor Education Department and Education Ministry seeking allocations for repairs. The appeal was ignored giving the standard reply of no more allocation. Then in February 2012 the ceiling in one of the classes collapsed and fortunately the fall was not sudden by which time the pupils in class were evacuated.


Even after the collapse, the Ministry of education couldn’t be bothered as to what happened. MIC deputy minister has to come and stand in for minister of education. Besides, there is no unit or department in ministry of education to handle the affairs of Tamil Schools. There is just one junior officer whose ranking is close to clerical level called organizer of Tamil Schools. He or she has no voice in the huge ministry of education. Tamil Schools are handled by MIC and not ministry of education. MIC which is the running dog of UMNO dare not open its mouth and ask anything that may irk UMNO. MIC leaders have no guts, wish and will to speak for Tamil Schools. The civil servants in ministry of education on the other hand are guided by National civics bureau (BTN) racial propaganda and the implementation and coordination Unit (ICU) of PMO’s bumiputra agenda. Tamil schools are outside the scope of their work. Where is the hope of improving Tamil schools? Penang and Selangor has banned BTN programs for their civil servants.


Each time the opposition MPs speak about Tamil schools, at least one UMNO MP will interject and question why Tamil and Chinese children want to study in Vernacular. UMNO MPs will say that we must all study under one roof to build national unity. Even after March 2008 election, UMNO backbenchers still sing the same rhyme.  Tamil Schools still exist because of the voting rights of Indians. A vote for UMNO is a vote against Tamil Schools and the Indian rights. Unfortunately vested interest of MIC leaders, blind their vision and they sacrifice the Indian rights and Tamil schools at UMNO’s altar. PM announces the building of Tamil Schools for political expediency not because the government cares about Tamil schools. Information on Tamils is given to PM by NGOs who care about Tamil language not by MIC or ministry of education.


PM announced that they have spent 440 million on Tamil schools between 2008 and 2012. PM must spell out how the money was spent if at all spent on Tamil schools. Why no allocation was made to the SRJK (T) Serdang? Only after the roof collapse, PM office decided to build new blocks in SRJK (T) Serdang. Who is following and implementing the announcements made by PM that 6 more new schools will be built. Definitely no one from ministry of education is listening what PM says. Eventually the building of Tamil schools will be passed to MIC who has no authority and allocation.  MIC should be honest enough to admit that Tamil schools are the unwanted orphans in ministry of education. PM office will only spend money to attract Indian votes. Unless Indians vote wisely, their fade will remain the same.


Senator S. Ramakrishnan




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