Getting Indian crowd is easy but can you get their vote, Datuk Palanivel?

MIC leaders keep repeating that Indian votes have gone back to Barisan because of the big turnout in MIC functions and by election results. Politics in Malaysia is no more static and not within UMNO’s control. Well when MIC provides meal, pocket money, hampers, entertainment and transport it is not surprising to get huge crowd. The way MIC leaders keep repeating this claim, it looks like they want to send a message to UMNO leaders that they are loyal and working for BN. This will keep them in the good books of UMNO which will reward MIC leaders with tokens and pittance. MIC leaders take pride in making such ludicrous claims. It is the same MIC that supported UMNO in eroding the Malaysian Indian’s basic rights. Their record for the past 55 years is nothing but betrayal, selling out and downright cheating the Indian community. Yet they can claim that Indians are returning back to BN. Indians all over the country don’t care a damn about MIC. Well the defacto president of MIC is Prime minister. He has his own personnel assistant to keep throwing goodies to Indian poor. MIC is just a front and eye wash to get Indian votes.

Prime minister came out with 1Malaysia campaign and gave them hope. After 3 years, Indians have realized that it’s an empty slogan of prime minister to deceive non Malays into voting for BN. Unfortunately a section of poor Indians who have very low financial stamina are vulnerable to vote buying. BN will always want Malaysian Indians to be poor so that they can buy their votes. MIC supported NEP abuses, UMNO robbing and plundering the wealth of this country. MIC supported the UMNO racist agendas like robbing of places in local universities, UMNO appointing racist in high places in government decision making bodies, Mahathir curtailing judicial independence and UMNO privatizing and robbing the money making government agencies. MIC has lost all moral right to represent the Indians.

Malaysian Indians have come a long way since 2008. They too have learnt like Kelantan voters. They will accept all goodies but not necessarily vote for BN. They have been deprived for many years what is rightfully theirs. So what’s wrong in accepting whatever given? In fact they should ask for more. But, whether they will vote for BN is a question mark. Voting is to determine the future government that will govern this country with fair and equal opportunities to all. The thinking among Indians now is for a change. Give opposition one or two terms. If they can’t govern, vote back for the other party. They are for two party systems. 55 years of marginalization and mismanagement of this country is enough. They want a political system that will safeguard their children and grandchildren. They regret for faithfully trusting MIC which ditch them and still trying to hoodwink that the Indians future is in UMNO’s hand. Many MIC leaders vote against BN rule too. It’s only those in position keep loyal to UMNO and continues to believe in BN lies for selfish resasons. For MIC leaders, what matters most is not fairness or equality but pleasing and keeping UMNO in good humor so that they will get favors and positions.

Prime minister wants Indians to trust (nambikai) him. But he keeps those who betrayed that trust close to him and appoint them in high post. MIC leaders who plundered MAIKA holdings are still in high places and not in prison.  Corruption in police force will never allow Indians to come out of crime and gangs. MIC operates like an NGO organizing Ponggal and Deepavali functions and 1Malaysia dinner for Indians. So Mr. Palanivel, stop deceiving the poor Indians and support the new aspiration for 2 party systems of Malaysian Indians. Datuk keneth Eswaran who wants to create 50000 Indian entrepreneurs may show his great effort to secure Indian votes to Prime minister and his wife to get new business projects for himself. This is the type of BN Indian leaders they have. Indians are in the mood to change. It’s the only way forward.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


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