Results of transformation effort speaks louder than mere apology

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak finally apologized for the pre 2008 mistakes of BN after 4 years. He further added that the people’s rejection is accepted with open heart and vowed to fix the past mistakes at a function in Kedah, the Malay heartland that rejected BN. Kedah UMNO information chief could not accept the Prime Minister’s apology and said that it was public perception that BN lost due to its own mistakes. Looks like UMNO little Napoleon’s cannot accept the prime minister’s open apology. UMNO national information leader wants 2/3 majority to fix its past mistakes. The deputy prime minister makes the apology a small matter and claimed that Malaysia has made huge progress in the fields of socio-economy, culture, education, international relations and various others. UMNO don’t know the meaning of apology.

Well it’s clear that UMNO politicians are making a big public relations exercise out of this public apology. This makes the apology not genuine. After 2008 and especially after the appointment of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the actions and words of UMNO do not show any semblance of change for the better. The Prime Minister looks lonely in his attempt to change. Can he reform UMNO from its entrenched racism, nepotism and corruption? UMNO’s reaction to the 2008 election losses was that the public have made grave mistakes in supporting Pakatan Rakyat and that UMNO will hold on to power by any means. They were desperate and their inherent character of racial intolerance, corruption and nepotism rearing their ugly heads. Change must come from the collective leadership and not just the top leader to be meaningful and effective.

The transformation programs of prime minister launched with high hopes have not yielded the desired outcome. The civil service is still inefficient and unable to improve the delivery mechanism. The UMNO backed bureaucrats are not zealous over the various transformational programs initiated by PEMANDU. Hundreds of millions spent with little to show as achievements. MACC, police and AG office have not brought any charges against the alleged wrongdoers of NFC fiasco. Wanita UMNO leader is still strong after the NFC exposure. There is no open tender yet in the award of government contracts. Billions of tax payer’s money is still siphoned out from government coffers. UMNO cronies like Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary still secure the bulk of government privatization projects with no transparency and accountability. Racial marginalization is as rampant as before 2008. So what is the use of apology without any improvement in the implementation, checks and balance in civil service?

Malaysians will trust the Prime Minister if projects like Lynas in gebeng and 1Care health scheme are scrapped and find a lasting solution to the stagnated salaries, brain drain and reduce the cost of living. Stop the rot in the palace of justice where justice is denied if not compromised. The list can go on and on. Malaysian Indians should not be pleased with such superficial apology that does not mean anything. No government has marginalized their citizens the way UMNO has marginalized the Indians. UMNO has put all blocks on progress of Indian community. The Prime minister’s apology means nothing to Malaysian Indians. There is no policy change to include Indians and other non Malays in the government employment and business opportunities. With all the sacrifice sweat and blood of our parents towards this country, this ungrateful UMNO government did not value them. Change is the only way forward.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan

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