Deputy education minister Wee Ka Siong can complete the SJK© Yong Peng on time to start enrolment on 1st January 2012 but the adjacent Tamil school which was promised to be completed at the same time but nowhere to been seen. The deputy minister must inform the public as to why the Tamil school next door not built even though land was made available. Is the deputy minister only minister for Chinese schools and not Tamil school? The land and money allocation was made available 2 years ago for Tamil School to be built but Yong Peng Indians still don’t have a proper Tamil school. Deputy minister, why the discriminatory treatment for Yong Peng Tamil school?


Indians families in Yong Peng, Air Itam and Paloh town areas are sending their children to one dilapidated Tamil school in Yong Peng B Division estate which is 20 kilometers away. Each student pays RM 50 bus fare to travel the red sand estate road every day to go to school. This school has an enrolment of 130 students out of which 124 of them come from town to study in the estate school. Normally estate student will go to town to study. But here the town students are going to estate school to study. This is the state of affair of Indians in Johor and in the constituency of deputy education minister. Are the education department and the deputy education minister not bothered to provide proper school for Indians in Yong Peng.


Many parents are lamenting that they have raised fund to build this school. The education ministry has also put aside RM2.3 million 2 years ago to build. But till now nothing has been done by the education department and the deputy education minister to start building.  Does the ministry of education want the Malaysian Indians to remain in estate schools?  For the past 2 years there has been no public announcement as to the building and completion date. Why the complete silence deputy education minister?


Indian Children in Yong Peng are deprived of quality education and better facilities by the deputy minister of education and some other irresponsible elements. Had the Yong Peng Tamil School built, the Indian children will have better facilities in the new townschool. BN government only provides lip service to Indian community to win Indian votes. MIC who claims to be the Tamil school protectors are the stumbling block in building Tamil schools. Local MIC leaders sit in PIBG of the Yong Peng B division estate school and censor information about Yong Peng town school not being built.  The deputy education minister must rid of these idiotic politicians from the school committee and get the school building started. It is sad that even the provision of basic education service seem to be struggle for Indian community.


Senator S.Ramakrishnan



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