Press Statement – Mr. DPM. Please walk the talk.

The deputy prime Minister and Minister of education Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin declared in Muar that the government has built 600 Tamil schools so far and that every school that was constructed, had the objective of providing the best education to the children to ensure the country’s development in future. He further added that the government do not hinder or prevent (the development of SJKC and SJKT) to enable us to become a hub for education”. In actual fact there are only 523 Tamils schools in Malaysia most of which are in dilapidated and neglected conditions. Talking is easy and cheap but walking the talk is what matters, Mr. DPM. 371 of 523 Tamil Schools are in private estate land. Therefore they don’t qualify for full support from government. I would like to ask the DPM and education minister as why government schools in private land (71% of Tamil schools) are not entitled to full aid. Aren’t the Malaysian Indians citizens of this country and don’t they pay taxes and dues like all other Malaysians. Your government has already deprived Malaysian Indians of many opportunities including providing a proper Tamil school.
In fact there was one school in Raub, Pahang where the estate was willing to give the school land to government, but the ministry of education never acted for a few years. The estate took back land since it was not wanted. I highlighted this school in Tamil press to get the government attention but to no avail. The Selangor and Penang state governments are willing to allocate land for Tamil Schools. Will the ministry of education built a proper Tamil school like in Desa Mentari where the land is lying idle unable to move the Seaport Tamil School. I call upon the deputy prime minister to act on the many grouses of Tamil schools rather than issuing feel good statements which is worth nothing.  The Tamil school grouses are:
1.     Physical infrastructure and equipment – most of the Tamil school building in private land are temporary building not built for School purpose. But once occupied by Tamil school it remains permanent without any maintenance s support from ministry of education. At the district and state level Tamil schools are headed by supervisor who is a junior in the education department. Junior ranking officer cannot guide and lead Tamil schools. I call upon the minister of education to raise the rank and quality of officer who is in-charge of Tamils at the district and state level. Only then best education can be delivered to the children. Malaysian Indians should not support the ruling government if the education minister did not get this done.
2.      High percentage of temporary teachers- if the deputy prime minister wants Indian votes, he must reduce the number of temporary teachers in Tamil schools. Ministry of education must find the number of teachers needed and train enough Tamil school teachers. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin must explain how did the Tamil Schools land in this shortage of trained teachers’ problem? The teacher training unit for Tamil schools must be headed by a graduate former Tamil teacher who is familiar with Tamil schools.
3.      Only 28% of Tamil schools have pre-school classes compared to 88% of Sekolah kebangsaan. Can the minister of education increase the provision of preschool classes in Tamil schools? Only then Tamil schools can provide quality education.
Indian votes can decide the winners in many constituencies. Political change is the only way forward for Malaysian Indians. Malaysian Indian vote are equally important as a Malay vote. Our future is in our hand. We should not be cowed down by 5 kilo rice bags and RM50. What is at stake is our children and grandchildren’s future. If BN win 2/3 majority, they will make Indian votes irrelevant in future. Umno has never forgiven Hindraf for what happened in 2008. Therefore Malaysian Indians have to go forward and make a new socio economic and political environment for the next generation. Arise, awake Malaysian Indians.
9 November 2011
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