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Press Statement on Attempt to win votes in the name of helping is no help to Indian community, Dr. Chua

November 17, 2011

Attempt to win votes in the name of helping is no help to Indian community, Dr. Chua

The Star newspaper reported today (16/11/2011) a statement by MCA president Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek that I should apologize to the Indian community for saying that they can be bribed. For the benefit of readers the article written on 5/9/2011 is attached below.

The write up focused on the attempt by MCA president to give out cash handout to Indian Temples and other places of worship purely for the purpose of winning votes. It focused on Dr Chua’s attempt to bribe Indians to secure votes. The article did not mention anywhere that Indians can be bribed. But it says that MCA is targeting the poor and gullible to fish for votes. But Dr Chua Soi Lek for his political despondency and expediency has turned the issue as though I said that Indians can be bribed. This very statement by the MCA president clearly shows that he is more concerned about winning Indian votes than helping them. How does organizing more Deepavali function to celebrate uplift the Indian community? The Indians and Chinese communities needs to recover and regain their political rights lost to UMNO with the support of MCA and MIC. They don’t need your charity but equal opportunity for them and their children and their grandchildren to live with dignity and pride as citizens of this country. MCA and MIC have together sold the Indians rights to UMNO for MIC and MCA survival. That was the issue discussed in the article.

The Star report also mentioned Dr Chua saying that the purpose of the MCA going all over the country to visit the Indian community was to help them solve their problem. Thank you much for your concern Dr Chua. But giving cash handouts to temples and its associated NGOs will not help the poor Indians who need a decent job with decent salaries, proper education in schools for their children, places in University if they do well and technical training if they don’t do well in schools. Can MIC and MCA provide these basic human rights which are long denied to the Indian community by Barisan National? I am prepared to challenge Dr Chua on this matter anywhere anytime. MIC and MCA watched and allowed UMNOPUTRAS to erode the rights and blocked the economic growth of Indians and other communities.

Dr Chua is also reported saying that BN component parties had always defended the welfare and rights of the Indians in Sungkai despite having lost the state seat in the last general election. Can the MCA president spell out what are the welfare and rights that the MCA and MIC had fought and regained for the Indians in Sungkai and other areaas? Before PR can fulfill their promises Barisan National has snatched back the state through back door and devious means. Why the sudden interest on the Indian community now? MCA has never organized Deepavali function and provided handout on this scale before. Malaysian Indians can see through your political motives in providing cash generously to temples. Therefore it is not me who should apologize but the MIC and MCA leaders like your good self whom the people trusted for 54 years should redeem what is lost. Can you Dr Chua?

Senator S.Ramakrishnan


MCA president is busy buying Indian votes because Chinese votes are not for sale.

The MCA president is frequently reported in the main stream newspapers busy giving out cash handouts to Indian and Chinese temples and its related NGOs like Hindu society. Yesterday it was reported in Tamil papers that Dr. Chua Soi Lek gave away RM141000 to 17 Hindu temples and Hindu societies in Tanjong Malim parliamentary constituency. Dr Chua was also reported in earlier days, giving out cash handout to Hindu temples, Chinese temples and Indian churches in Labis constituency. It’s heartwarming to see the MCA president handing out cash generously to religious institution. But these cash handouts are needed by people who are alienated and marginalized urban squatters and not the religious institutions which will be taken care byprovidence itself. The MCA president seems to opportunistically use the poverty of rural Indians for his political expediency. Such handouts will make these rural people dependent on BN. This is great service of MCA president to Indian community.

The Indians were long marginalized and deprived by the BN government need job opportunities, scholarship and higher education facilities and small business opportunities in local councils and government agencies and inclusive government policies. These are the urgent needs of the Indians and not cash handout to temples. The Indian community needs to recover and regain their political right as citizens of this country which has been steadily eroded by BN with the support of MIC. By offering cash handout out to Indian temples while simultaneously supporting UMNO racist policies, is Dr. Chua trying to keep Indians under the thumbs of UMNO. In offering cash to temples does Dr. Chua has the best of intentions for Indians or is this one form of bribery to entice Indian vote for MCA? Looks like Dr. Chua is bribing the Indian god to secure Indian votes because the Chinese votes are not for sale.

The way MCA president disbursing cash is clearly targeted at getting Indian votes in MCA constituency. Money handout by MCA starts much earlier than the actual election dates. Cash and goodies flows all the year round for BN parties. Only SPR cannot notice the cash handout.  It is clearly visible that, after the 2008 elections, UMNO has lost confidence in MCA and MIC to secure the Chinese and Indian votes. The Prime Minister has appointed special officers reporting directly to him to reach out to Chinese and Indian voters with handout on their own. UMNO operates as though they don’t need any other component parties. UMNO can disburse cash themselves. They don’t need Chua Soi Lek to distribute their cash. But Chua Soi Lek needs to show gullible voters that they are also powerful and they too have cash to distribute.

As the saying goes that some things never change. UMNO cannot be reformed therefore it has to be removed. MCA and MIC hangs on to UMNO for their own survival and keep bribing and giving false hope to their members that all are well and good. If MCA and MIC have any pride and dignity for themselves and their party, they should stop bribing voters to vote for UMNO. The stakes are high for MCA president to get his son Chua Tee Yong to be appointed as a minister after the next election. After all MCA and MIC are all about what is in it for them. That’s what these disbursements of cash are all about. Throw in small fish to catch big fish.

Senator S.Ramakrishnan


Press statement on Mr Khairy, know what you are talking.

November 14, 2011

UMNO youth leader Encik Khairy jamaluddin  says that children are segregated by race with a parallel schooling system and thus proposed a single school system which would provide mother tongue education. Sounds very logical and appealing that we are all Malaysians therefore our children must study in the same school to foster better relationship and understanding. The UMNO representatives think that Tamil and Chinese schools are the root cause for racial disunity in this country. I wonder whether Khairy Jamaluddin ever wondered why vernacular schools have become very popular alternative to many Malay parents and non Malay parents of late. I was told there about 70000 Malay students in Chinese schools. Khairy Jamaluddin should meet these parents and find out why they are sending their children to vernacular schools. But these UMNO leaders who are like the frogs in the well think that their thinking is the best, just cannot understand why the non Malay parents insist on vernacular education.

The Chinese and Indian parents send their children to Tamil/ Chinese school because they are worried that the quality of teaching and learning in national schools is not comparable with that of the Tamil/Chinese schools. There are lots of elite Malay students who now study in international and private national schools. There are also Malay parents who have initiated organized campaign for the return of PPSI and bilingual school system. It shows that all is not too well in national schools. UMNO which holds the power steering of education ministry must put the national schools in order before opening their mouth. Don’t always find fault with others. Many times the faults are their own. So if the non Malay parents and some Malay parents don’t patronize national schools, it is time to introspect and find out the root cause.
The teaching and learning in Tamil and Chinese schools encourages and promotes the students to learn mathematics and science. They are given a lot of homework and school work. Practice makes perfect is the motto. The teachers in these schools are concerned about the welfare and performance of their students and the Indian and Chinese parents and also some Malay parents feel from their experience that the environment in the national school is not comparable with that of the Tamil and Chinese schools. It is just like if one product is not selling well and the customers not coming, we must re-examine and improve our product and not find fault with customers. That is the way we can succeed.
In addition, from the parent’s experience, national schools are not serious about teaching POL. Usually in national schools, POL is taught after school session or on Saturdays. This shows that the national schools are not serious about the teaching of Tamil and Chinese languages and the parents are worried that if they send their children to national schools, their mother tongue is lost. In Singapore, there is no Tamil/Chinese school. But the students in that country can speak and write their mother tongue well. This is because their national school takes this task seriously and makes the learning of vernacular language compulsory to all students in their national schools. The government has proven that it is serious about the learning of vernacular language in the national schools. Therefore, no one wants Tamil/Chinese school. But in Malaysia, the parents of Indian and Chinese students do not trust the government because for the last 50 years, they have not shown any sincere effort in teaching vernacular languages in national schools. Can the Minister of Education layout the plans to improve the teaching of vernacular languages in national school?
Moreover, the national schools have become very lslamic in character with total disregard for the feelings of non Malay children studying there. This is one of the reasons why Indian and Chinese parents refuse to send their children to study in national schools. Can the Minister of Education address this concern and fear of Malay, Chinese, and Indian parents?  The following activities in national schools drive away non Malay children from national schools.
1.     While reciting prays in morning assembly the Head Master/mistress should remind the non Muslim students to pray to their own God. Do not ignore them. Do unto others what you want others do to you.
2.    There are lot of signboards written in Jawi surrounding the school, especially in the rural area. Does the HM expect the non Malay children to read these signboards?
3.    There are a lot of prayers during school duration – when the Muslims pray, can the HMs or teachers remind the non Muslims to prayer to their own God. Do not ignore. The teachers treat them as though the non Muslim children do not exist in the school.
4.    The teachers entering classes only acknowledge and greet the Muslim students and straight away start teaching without greeting the non Muslim students as though they don’t exist in the class. Teachers are gurus and therefore they must like behave like one. If this is the attitude of teachers, why blame non Muslim parents?
5.    During festival or religious celebration – there are only programs for Muslims but don’t have any class or programs for non Muslims students. These non Muslim kids waste the whole day doing nothing but lazing around.
6.    When quoting or showing examples, the teachers just quote from Muslim scripts or Islamic books but do not even mention about the non Muslim leaders. The contributions of non Muslim leaders in the field of politics, social, science, and so on are ignored. May be the teachers themselves don’t know. But they should be aware of this if they want the Indian and Chinese parents to send their children to national schools.
7.    During the JQAf – the non Muslim students go to QI class and they are allowed to do their own work because the teachers don’t know what is the syllabus if QI.
8.    Name tags of the teachers are also in Jawi. How can the non Muslim students read Jawi?
9.    Canteen – there are non Muslim students who don’t eat beef and some are even vegetarian. There are no tags that indicate what meat is served. Not bothered about the sensitivity of other races. During the Hari Raya Haji festivals, cows are also slaughtered openly in schools. Speaking up against this act is sensitive. 
10. The numbers of non Muslim teachers are very minimal in the national schools. Why can’t the ministry increase the non Muslim teachers in national schools to attract more non Malay students so that they can handle the QI classes, moral classes etc.
With all these practices in national schools which are totally incompatible with the expectation of non Malay and some Malay parents how do Encik Khairy jamaluddin and other proponents of national  schools expect national schools to be overflowing with non Malay students. Encik Khairy jamaluddin and his supporters must put their house in order before preaching others.


Press Statement – Mr. DPM. Please walk the talk.

November 11, 2011
The deputy prime Minister and Minister of education Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin declared in Muar that the government has built 600 Tamil schools so far and that every school that was constructed, had the objective of providing the best education to the children to ensure the country’s development in future. He further added that the government do not hinder or prevent (the development of SJKC and SJKT) to enable us to become a hub for education”. In actual fact there are only 523 Tamils schools in Malaysia most of which are in dilapidated and neglected conditions. Talking is easy and cheap but walking the talk is what matters, Mr. DPM. 371 of 523 Tamil Schools are in private estate land. Therefore they don’t qualify for full support from government. I would like to ask the DPM and education minister as why government schools in private land (71% of Tamil schools) are not entitled to full aid. Aren’t the Malaysian Indians citizens of this country and don’t they pay taxes and dues like all other Malaysians. Your government has already deprived Malaysian Indians of many opportunities including providing a proper Tamil school.
In fact there was one school in Raub, Pahang where the estate was willing to give the school land to government, but the ministry of education never acted for a few years. The estate took back land since it was not wanted. I highlighted this school in Tamil press to get the government attention but to no avail. The Selangor and Penang state governments are willing to allocate land for Tamil Schools. Will the ministry of education built a proper Tamil school like in Desa Mentari where the land is lying idle unable to move the Seaport Tamil School. I call upon the deputy prime minister to act on the many grouses of Tamil schools rather than issuing feel good statements which is worth nothing.  The Tamil school grouses are:
1.     Physical infrastructure and equipment – most of the Tamil school building in private land are temporary building not built for School purpose. But once occupied by Tamil school it remains permanent without any maintenance s support from ministry of education. At the district and state level Tamil schools are headed by supervisor who is a junior in the education department. Junior ranking officer cannot guide and lead Tamil schools. I call upon the minister of education to raise the rank and quality of officer who is in-charge of Tamils at the district and state level. Only then best education can be delivered to the children. Malaysian Indians should not support the ruling government if the education minister did not get this done.
2.      High percentage of temporary teachers- if the deputy prime minister wants Indian votes, he must reduce the number of temporary teachers in Tamil schools. Ministry of education must find the number of teachers needed and train enough Tamil school teachers. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin must explain how did the Tamil Schools land in this shortage of trained teachers’ problem? The teacher training unit for Tamil schools must be headed by a graduate former Tamil teacher who is familiar with Tamil schools.
3.      Only 28% of Tamil schools have pre-school classes compared to 88% of Sekolah kebangsaan. Can the minister of education increase the provision of preschool classes in Tamil schools? Only then Tamil schools can provide quality education.
Indian votes can decide the winners in many constituencies. Political change is the only way forward for Malaysian Indians. Malaysian Indian vote are equally important as a Malay vote. Our future is in our hand. We should not be cowed down by 5 kilo rice bags and RM50. What is at stake is our children and grandchildren’s future. If BN win 2/3 majority, they will make Indian votes irrelevant in future. Umno has never forgiven Hindraf for what happened in 2008. Therefore Malaysian Indians have to go forward and make a new socio economic and political environment for the next generation. Arise, awake Malaysian Indians.
9 November 2011