MDL must compensate all flood victims from Chaah

Last Friday 19th August 2011 Dr. Boo Cheng Hau is accompanied by Senator S Ramakhrisnan, Johor DAPSY Secretary Andrew Chen Kai En, DAP Labis Branch Chairperson Tan Chin Guan, Bekok Branch Chairman Ng Chai Eng, Former DAP Chaah Branch Chairman Lee Ah Kaw visited flood victims during the big flood on Jan 30, 2011 and Tenang By Election. These people claimed the authorities have failed to allocate “wang ikhsan” to a substantial number of flood victims. Flood affected many residents in Chaah but only some people received compensation of RM500.

Within 2 hours of our presence in Chaah town, 420 residents signed as residents who were left out. They also claimed that there are many more residents left out in the flood compensation and that their Malay neighbors received compensation. We from DAP request the Majlis Daerah Labis (MPL), to allocate the “wang ikhsan” to all regardless of race and religion. Flood do not affect people of one race or religion but all people who come their way. Therefore compensation to flood victims too must be to all people who are affected. The affected people did inform us that MPL officials did not give them the forms and refused to write their names as flood victims. In fact, the flood victims have given up hope on MPL providing any compensation.

When the current MP for Labis Mr Chua tee Yong heard that we met the flood victims who were left in the payment of ‘wang Ikhsan”, he blamed us as trouble makers and that we have deserted the people after the last election. According to him we are trying to incite hatred towards the government and that the claims are all not true.  I challenge the Mr chuah Tee Yong to meet the people and prove that these people are lying or prove that they are not flood victims.

The residents of Chaah including MCA members complained to us that they are not compensated for the floods. DAP is in bekok not to create any disturbances but to help those who did not get any compensation for the bad flood of January 2011. They seem abandoned by MCA after winning the Bekok state and Labis Parliment seat. UMNO too have distributed forms to fill up for flood compensation. Looks like those people were compensated but the forms distributed by JKK members did not receive any news till now. I would like to ask Mr Chua Tee Yong why it is so. It is not the DAP who deserted the voters but the MCA.

I would like to inform Mr Chua Tee Yong that the MCA having won the Bekok state seat in March 2008 has not set up a service center in Bekok constitutency till now. Mr chua Tee Yong himself is never reachable by the people of Chaah. They have to go to labis to see him in his Labis service center. Well we can understand that he is a deputy minister. Therefore he has no time to serve the constituency. The state assemblyman for Bekok uses the office of Mr chua tee yong in Labis and never visits and serve the Bekok seat. The bekok MCA supporters and other residents have nobody to turn to serve them but to DAP leaders.

We have sent a memorandum requesting for compensation from the national flood relief body for compensation failing which the affected people will demonstrate in front of MPL. The government’s 1Malaysia slogan should be meaningful and implemented and not a mere empty slogan. We give them one month for MPL to provide compensation before we take our next course of action.
Senator S. Ramakrishnan

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