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Letter sent to Ministry of Transport on Electrified Double Track Project Gemas-JB’s matter

September 30, 2011

Surat kpd TSUB EN. Esparan – Landasan berkembar elektrik

Letter sent to IGP on no action taken to Dr. KD Sivakumar

September 30, 2011

Surat kpd KPN – Dr. KD Sivakumar

Thanks to Bersih 2.0 for ISA repeal

September 20, 2011
Finally PM Datuk seri Najib and UMNO/BN are glossing and floating over the euphoria of ISA repeal announcement. That‘s the advantage, the ruling party has. When it suits they can enact and impose ISA and at the same when it is to their disadvantage they can announce the repeal of ISA and take the credit all for themselves. Never mind the hardship and torture undergone by many patriotic Malaysians who fought for justice and suffered under this draconian law. The opposition and thousands of ordinary citizens marched and stood up against this repressive law risking police arrest and imprisonment under ISA. Worse still the PM Datuk Najib and UMNO/BN won many elections using the ISA as tool of instilling fear and punishment against the opposition and their supporters.
So is the announcement come about after genuinely realizing that we Malaysians are deprived of civil liberties or due to political expediency? UMNO/BN till the announcement was never concerned about civil liberties to Malaysians at large leave alone the opposition. The deputy prime minister himself was surprised at the ISA repeal announcement. Even after the PM’s announcement UMNO still speak with arrogance as though they fought hard for ISA repeal.  Is racist UMNO capable of genuine civil liberties or more democracy for Malaysians of all races? Judging from the past actions and reactions of UMNO, it will only act when they are losing political grounds or popular support. Based on the same argument UMNO will only conceit grounds when they are under threat.  After the announcement the home minister and right wingers in UMNO are brooding with the 2 replacement laws in place of ISA.  
Therefore the announcement of ISA repeal is to reverse the growing unpopularity of PM and UMNO/BN among Malaysians at large. The Prime minister has started his election campaign with the ISA repeal announcement which was abruptly brought an end by Bersih 2.0. Just 2 months ago even a peaceful gathering was not allowed but now the PM is telling the world that Malaysia wants to be more democratic. Bersih leaders and proponents were threatened with arrest under emergency ordinance and ISA. Bersih 2.0 is all about clean and fair election. UMNO/BN has ruled for past 54 years with repressive and punitive laws which are implemented selectively and discriminatively. Therefore is UMNO with the prime minister is repealing these draconian laws. The 2 laws to be implemented can be more restrictive and punitive than the one repealed.   
But Malaysians are very used to paying tribute and praises the moment announcement is made. We got a long way to go to be more democratic. Parliament must repeal the ISA and not PM. How about repealing the emergency ordinance, OSA, universities and university college act 1971 and printing and publishing act 1984? How about the independence of judiciary and set up of IPCMC for police abuse? Mr. PM needs to walk his announcement now. Has UMNO reformed to make bold changes in law? I wonder!

JHEOA was set up to keep Orang Asli as backward community

September 20, 2011
The takeover of Orang Asli hospital in Gombak by the ministry of health shows the complicity and lack of political will in caring and uplifting the Orang Asli community by the Jabatan hal ehwal orang asli (JHEOA). JHEOA is the sole department that was set up in 1953 to uplift the socio economy and quality of life of the Orang Asli community. Yet this very department which has enormous power and control over the Orang Asli community failed to provide proper and adequate medical care to them. The hospital which was set up by the British in 1957 was taken over by ministry of health due to the deteriorating standards of medical care and facilities at the institution under JHEOA. A visit to the JHEOA website will display their grand vision and mission to uplift and develop the Orang Asli community into a premier community. But in reality JHEOA can’t even provide proper medical care to the sick and malnourished children. JHEOA has clearly failed in its duties.
All the allegation of neglect and sub-standard care and service to Orang Asli community by the management of JHEOA is due to the fact that JHEOA is not administered by Orang Asli community or activists who care for the Orang Asli community. The UMNO led government has clearly denigrated on the Orang Asli affairs. In the long run Orang Asli community will only benefit if the UMNO led government eradicate the racist policies and supremacist attitudes of the management of JHEOA. As a leopard can never change its spots, so do UMNO can never drop its racist and jingoistic attitudes.
Orang Asli community does not have political voice to champion their cause. Their sole guardian JHEOA does not have any policy or plan to preserve Orang Asli heritage, culture and beliefs. They are just interested in assimilating Orang Asli community into Muslim Malays which is resisted and opposed by Orang Asli community. The Orang Asli tradition, culture and heritage were all sent to the museum systematically. UMNO led government closed one eye in the marginalization process of Orang Asli by JHEOA for the past 54 years. Respected Orang Asli leaders like Colin Nicholas and Tijah Yok Chopil were always kept on the sideline and outside the decision making circles. UMNO yes men were appointed as community leaders.     
Under JHEOA, 76.9% of orang asli are living in poverty whereas the national average is 6.5%. More than 33% orang asli are hardcore poor compared to the national average of 1.4%. Malaysia’s infant mortality rate is 8.9% compared to 51.7% for Orang Asli infant mortality rate. One Suhakam report in 2006, points out that the dropout rate from standard I to form 5 is 94%. If 100 students enroll in standard 1, only 6 out of them will reach form 5. Standard 1 to form 1 the dropout rate is 43.9%. All this happened right under the JHEOA nose. The Orang Asli woes were never addressed till now and the community continues to languish behind other Malaysians.
Therefore the way forward for Orang Asli community is get them out of the JHEOA grip. Till date the ministry of rural and regional development could not give an acceptable answer as to why no one Orang Asli is appointed as head of JHEOA? Much has been researched debated and written about the Orang Asli plight but there is no change on the ground for Orang Asli people. This community is held captive by the BN government for voting purpose. Selangor government is more amiable was able to endear themselves to Orang Asli community.  Therefore the PR government is the only viable alternative for this community to safeguard their traditions and heritage.

Fight against corruption starts with electoral reform

September 12, 2011
Bersih 2.0’s demand for electoral reform has made the general public well aware of the urgent need to reform the entire election process. The onus is on Election commission which is giving lame excuses for their inability and lack of political will to reform. The mission of election commission is to conduct free and fair election. Therefore Election commission has to be proactive and take it upon themselves what is required of them to do. It’s the duty and responsibility of election commissioners to ensure that the Election Commission enjoys complete autonomy and is insulated from any kind of executive interference and stop lamenting that they don’t have legislative authority to do so.
Recent media reports show that the election commission and the electoral process are far from what is expected from them. A permanent resident one “Mismah”, has become a voter within hours. This creates doubt as to how many such “mismahs” in the electoral roll. 1,579 similar cases have been found in less than 24 hours mostly in Selangor. This is just the tip of the iceberg. In Sabah illegal immigrants were given blue ICs overnight and become voters dislodging the local’s choice of government. Many such reports have appeared all over the country. And in each incidence the response from election commission is very unprofessional and cast more doubts. With millions of illegal and legal foreign workers all over the country, the possibilities of fraudulent voter registration is very real and appears as a national threat. Election commission must be made independent and accountable to the parliament on the electoral reforms. Their responsibility is to the nation and its people and not blindly following the political master who is struggling to remain in power forever.
In countries like India, Thailand, Indonesia the election commission is highly respected by the people from all divides because of their impartiality in conducting far and free elections. India has 700 million voters and the election commission is respected by the people and feared by the political parties running for office. All because the election commission officials take it up themselves the responsibilities to conduct an election which is unbiased, free from money politics and free from vote rigging. The people respect and accept the elections result without any question. But in Malaysia people has to protest to bring about electoral reforms. Bersih 2.0 calling for electoral reform is considered unlawful and people voicing out support for Bersih 2.0 gets arrested. It’s high time that the election commission realize that the general public is more aware and well exposed to electoral process in other countries.
If only the election commission could support and work towards the Bersih 2.0 demands, the commission will win the support and respect of people. It’s their religious duty to be independent and conduct fair and free elections. The government that gets elected through fraudulent means will not be accountable to people. It will be corrupted and people will be robbed of good governance. Therefore electoral reform is a prelude to the war against corruption, nepotism and cronyism. If no change forth coming then there may be Bersih 3.0 and so on until change takes place.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan

MDL must compensate all flood victims from Chaah

September 12, 2011
Last Friday 19th August 2011 Dr. Boo Cheng Hau is accompanied by Senator S Ramakhrisnan, Johor DAPSY Secretary Andrew Chen Kai En, DAP Labis Branch Chairperson Tan Chin Guan, Bekok Branch Chairman Ng Chai Eng, Former DAP Chaah Branch Chairman Lee Ah Kaw visited flood victims during the big flood on Jan 30, 2011 and Tenang By Election. These people claimed the authorities have failed to allocate “wang ikhsan” to a substantial number of flood victims. Flood affected many residents in Chaah but only some people received compensation of RM500.

Within 2 hours of our presence in Chaah town, 420 residents signed as residents who were left out. They also claimed that there are many more residents left out in the flood compensation and that their Malay neighbors received compensation. We from DAP request the Majlis Daerah Labis (MPL), to allocate the “wang ikhsan” to all regardless of race and religion. Flood do not affect people of one race or religion but all people who come their way. Therefore compensation to flood victims too must be to all people who are affected. The affected people did inform us that MPL officials did not give them the forms and refused to write their names as flood victims. In fact, the flood victims have given up hope on MPL providing any compensation.

When the current MP for Labis Mr Chua tee Yong heard that we met the flood victims who were left in the payment of ‘wang Ikhsan”, he blamed us as trouble makers and that we have deserted the people after the last election. According to him we are trying to incite hatred towards the government and that the claims are all not true.  I challenge the Mr chuah Tee Yong to meet the people and prove that these people are lying or prove that they are not flood victims.

The residents of Chaah including MCA members complained to us that they are not compensated for the floods. DAP is in bekok not to create any disturbances but to help those who did not get any compensation for the bad flood of January 2011. They seem abandoned by MCA after winning the Bekok state and Labis Parliment seat. UMNO too have distributed forms to fill up for flood compensation. Looks like those people were compensated but the forms distributed by JKK members did not receive any news till now. I would like to ask Mr Chua Tee Yong why it is so. It is not the DAP who deserted the voters but the MCA.

I would like to inform Mr Chua Tee Yong that the MCA having won the Bekok state seat in March 2008 has not set up a service center in Bekok constitutency till now. Mr chua Tee Yong himself is never reachable by the people of Chaah. They have to go to labis to see him in his Labis service center. Well we can understand that he is a deputy minister. Therefore he has no time to serve the constituency. The state assemblyman for Bekok uses the office of Mr chua tee yong in Labis and never visits and serve the Bekok seat. The bekok MCA supporters and other residents have nobody to turn to serve them but to DAP leaders.

We have sent a memorandum requesting for compensation from the national flood relief body for compensation failing which the affected people will demonstrate in front of MPL. The government’s 1Malaysia slogan should be meaningful and implemented and not a mere empty slogan. We give them one month for MPL to provide compensation before we take our next course of action.
Senator S. Ramakrishnan

Johore Menteri Datuk Abdul Ghani bin Othman where is your Tenang by-election promise to kg Veera residents?

September 5, 2011

The Gemas-Johore Bahru double track railway project will force many Indian settlers along railway tracks in Johore homeless. These Indian families are from low income group and settled in this land for 40/50 years before even gazette for railway tracks.  The ministry of transport is making all arrangements to start off the project without any intention to resettle the thousands of families living on the land earmarked for double track railway project in Johore. I call upon the minister of transport to reconsider the issue of settlers’ eviction and come out with resettlement plan before starting the double tracking project.

These settlers were promised compensation and alternative land during elections period but till date this promises by the BN government remain empty. During the Tenang by-election, 22 settlers from kg Veera, Tenang were shown a muddy low lying land where the residents will be resettled by Asokan the MIC state assemblymen. Johore Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani bin Othman too told the residents that they will be given an alternate land to resettle. Similar promises were made during previous elections also. But till date nothing came out of these promises by MIC politicians and the Johore Menteri Besar. These empty promises of Johore Menteri Besar and MIC politicians show that the BN government is only interested in tricking the Indian voters to vote for them in elections. Once the votes were secured these BN politicians conveniently forget the Indian community.

The Pakatan Rakyat coalition while ruling Perak state government and the present Penang state government helped to compensate the railway double track land settlers. 300 squatters from Kuala Sepatang, Perak were allocated alternative land to resettle by KTM Berhad and the Railway Asset Management Corporation during the Bukit Gantang by election. RM42000 was given as compensation to 32 settlers in Seberang Perai when they were evicted for double track railway project. If Pakatan Rakyat government can ensure that the affected settlers in Kuala Sepatang and Seberang Perai can be compensated why can’t BN federal government and BN state government compensate these Kg Veera settlers and many others in Johore? BN government of Negeri Sembilan has compensated Malay reserve land owners whose land was acquired for railway double track purposes. Since there is a precedence of compensation for double track settlers, why is Johore Menteri Besar and Asokan keeping quiet in Kg Veera and other railway double track settlers claim?

Why are the MIC leaders and Johore Menteri Besar who made these promises keeping quiet? Does it mean that BN only want Indian votes and couldn’t be bothered thereafter? Malaysian Indians in Johore are neglected and ignored by the BN government. Yet MIC bends backward to secure Indian votes for this ungrateful BN government. MIC is a party with no dignity and pride. MIC made the Malaysian Indian community marginalized and homeless by the BN government. Malaysian Indians must realize their predicament and act decisively. They must not allow themselves to be cheated by empty promises, dinners, entertainment shows and provision hampers. Malaysian Indians must stand up and be counted as equal citizens.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan