MIC’s mission is to deliver Indian votes to UMNO and then beg UMNO

The appointment of MIC president as a full minister seems to be a sweetener but what the community needs and wants is treatment and medicine. The MIC president full minister will be surrounded by civil servants from one race who do not know and care about the Indian community. In the recent JPA scholarship issue, despite the prime minister’s offer for more places to other races, the civil servants refused to abide by the prime minister’s decision. Therefore if the prime minister really want to uplift the Indian community he need to appoint more Indians in decision making post in more ministries and not a full minister in prime minister’s office.
MIC may pass any number of resolutions. But how many of them are taken for discussion and later implementation by the UMNO led government. What good are these passing of resolutions? The prime minister made it clear to MIC request that you deliver first then we will deliver. Indians vote for BN first then BN will take care of Indians. Despite the loyal support by the Indian community for the past 50 years, Malaysian Indian community were marginalized and left behind. Malaysian Indians form 7% of the population but our corporate wealth ownership is 1.2% in 2011 which was 1.5% in 2000. Whereas Malays 19.5% and Chinese 38.4%. Malays own more if we take all the government economic ownership which is all for Malays to benefit from. Many economic programs were announced for Indians to achieve 3% corporate wealth. What happened to all those programs?
MIC seems to exist solely to deliver Indian votes to UMNO/BN. They take good care of Indians only during election period with hampers, dinners, entertainment shows and empty promises but once UMNO/BN gets the vote, they never turn back to help Indians. MY-Daftar program and My-skill program are all given after the Indians turned away from UMNO/BN during 2008 elections. Why can’t the government grant automatic citizenship to permanent residents who had been residing in Malaysian since pre-independence year and those born in Malaysia after Independence but had remained under the stateless category?
UMNO’s commitment to uplift Indians will make the difference and not Najib alone. UMNO leaders are racist of the highest order. UMNO insist on using INTERLOK as textbook but MIC delegates were bar from discussing the issue. UMNO only want the Indian votes but don’t care about Indians dignity and pride. Therefore the only valuable weapon we have is the one vote which must be denied to UMNO led government. UMNO divides the people into races and rule by micro managing the different races. Malaysian Indians must once again tell UMNO enough is enough of empty promises and racial and religious marginalization. We want dignity and pride and not remain begging to UMNO. The greatest service a Malaysian Indian can do to Indians is to register as a voter and vote.
Senator S. Ramakrishnan
3rd August 2011
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