Even scholarship for deserving students can’t be handled effectively by public service department (JPA)

Year after year the public service department creates confusion and unhappiness to bright students by failing to award JPA scholarships to deserving SPM students. There seen to be no written transparent criteria in the JPA scholarship awarding after so many years of public hue and cry. Is the public service department that dump and stupid that they are unable to create transparent selection criteria that stops the yearly dilemma to parents and students? The prime minister has clearly failed to resolve the yearly dilemma despite promising to provide scholarships to all students who achieve more than 8A+. These deserving students also know many others who do not have the required A’s getting scholarship to go overseas. With this blatant discrimination right in front of their eyes, will these students ever feel patriotic and good about this country? Unfortunately the biased and narrow minded leaders of this country can’t foresee or couldn’t be bothered about the outcome.

The ministry of education must device clear policies on the awarding scholarships. Those who are rich and powerful should not be given scholarships. That’s a waste of tax payer’s money. Scholarships must be awarded to high achievers whose parents cannot afford the studies chosen by the students. Rich students who are high achievers must be given recognition for their high achievements. The ministry must not insult these high achieving students by allotting courses that are not chosen by them. These students are determined and generally know what discipline to chose. Minister must support them in securing the chosen field for students. If these awarding of scholarships are done well, the country will not face any brain drain but there will be brain gain.

Unfortunately the underlying issue in the whole JPA scholarship award is racial preferences and prejudices. The government should do away with racial discrimination in the selection of JPA scholarship. Can the minister of education provide an open reply to the question of students with 4 A’s getting scholarship to go overseas while students getting 10A’s and not getting scholarship or rather given scholarship to study some diploma course which is not their choice in local university. Students who have 10As and excelled in sports and co-curricular but left out or given courses that are not their choice is a criminal waste of resources. There must be a limit to discrimination and segregation otherwise this blessed country will be retarded economically thus leading many other social problems.

The ministry of higher education must ensure that these students come back to serve the country. Local universities must have quality lecturers and professors to attract these students to stay back and study in local universities courses of their choice which will save millions of ringgit. With so much pomp and prim about the local universities why did the ministry provide scholarships to students with even 4As to go overseas? They could have studied in local universities courses of their choice. The prime minister must intervene and settle the annual JPA scholarship debacle with transparent selection criteria once and for all.

Senator Dr. S. Ramakrishnan


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