MIC supports INTERLOK as Malay literature text book

This afternoon I received a phone call from a teacher who heard his headmaster announcing in the school morning assembly that the INTERLOK book has been accepted by MIC and supported by all the penal members to review INTERLOK. The ministry will be making the 19 corrections recommended shortly and the book will be used as literature textbook. In view of the ministry decision, no student or teacher is allowed to criticize or talk against the decision. Students’ bags will be check off and on to ensure that they do not carry any fliers that are against the use of INTERLOK. The teacher added that all headmasters were briefed by state director of education department to make sure that all students accept the usage of INTERLOK without any problem. Headmasters are required to send back reports on the actions taken to ensure that students do not carry any fliers against INTERLOK to school.

This decision by minister of education shows clearly the MIC leader’s double act as champions of Indian community but at the same time supporting the UMNO’s and GAPENA’s proposal to continue using INTERLOK as textbook. Ministry of education is going ahead because MIC and the Penal members accepted the book. The fact that 3 Indian representatives walked out of the penal was totally negated and disregarded. The parliamentary debate on INTERLOK clearly showed the resentment and bitterness of Indian parliamentarians over the use of this book. Despite all the noise and expressed wishes of Indian NGOs against the use of INTERlOK, the ministry of education still gave the go ahead to use INTERLOK book. Does that mean the whole penal formation to review was a show and protocol to give legitimacy to whatever decision taken by ministry of education on this matter? It’s amazing how UMNO has shoved through a gridlock matter as though it is accepted by people. MIC and other Indian based BN parties have been pandering for over 50 years and therefore have become weak and spineless to stand up against UMNO. MIC and BN Indian parties have mortgaged the dignity and pride of Malaysian Indians for the selfish benefit of its leaders. MIC has buried all moral authority to lead Malaysian Indians.

Malaysian Indians and other minority communities will not accept the INTERLOK as textbook simply because it has no positive educational value. This book does not foster racial unity nor enrich students’ mind. A novel with many amendments on content, grammar and factual errors should be replaced. It seem to be an organized effort by UMNO racial spinners to systematically institutionalize the immigrant status of non Malays. This approach of BN government is in congruent with the ketuanan melayu concept upheld by UMNO and its racist NGOs. While upholding such racist sentiments BN and UMNO can gloat all over town the concept of 1malaysia. This shows the incredibly hypocrisy of BN/UMNO to built a one Malaysia.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan 29/3/2011


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