Under the BN rule for 54 years Malaysian Indians have diminished to political and economic irrelevancy. Their contributions to Malaysian economy, culture and political are all forgotten and deliberately suppressed by UMNO led BN. In all areas be it government service, economy, education, health and sports, Malaysian Indians have fallen far behind. Today we are the down trodden and backward community of Malaysia. PERKASA which is an UMNO rightwing group will see that Malaysian Indians remain poor and weak. This is the price for being loyal to UMNO led BN. Malaysian Indians have been the loyal supporters of BN till 2008. In the 2008 national elections Malaysian Indians for the first time voted against the BN. Only then BN realized the value of minority Indian votes. In a keen contest minority vote will decide the winner.

After 2008 elections under Datuk Seri Najib’s administration, the BN government started introducing programs to re-register those without IC and BC. What should have been done 30 or 40 years ago, BN doing it now? Better late than never. Money was given to Indian NGOs through PM’s department. When Malaysian Indians voted BN loyally, no help was extended but when they voted against BN, UMNO started to dish out money to Indian NGOs. But the poor Indians in estate was not provided with minimum wages. Poor Indian students with good marks do not get scholarships. Smaller Indian businessmen do not qualify for small contracts from government departments. Poor Malaysian Indians still don’t get government support. Only MIC branch leaders get financial allocations to get votes for BN candidate. BN government will only dish out financial support if Indian community doesn’t vote them. Therefore Merlimau Indian voters should vote against BN. MIC will keep Indians poor so that they can mortgage Indian poverty to get more allocation.

Ali Rustam insulted HINDRAF with vulgar words. He was banned from contesting UMNO elections because of corruption. Malacca chief minister and UMNO are only concern about bumiputra. They only want Indian votes but keep Indians poor. UMNO led government policies and projects are for bumiputras nothing for Indians. The Merlimau UMNO ADUN will not do anything for non Malays in Malacca state government. He will work against our interest. Why should non bumiputras vote for him and UMNO?

All Indian youths must stand up and vote against UMNO. Despite MIC and opposition Indian leaders protest, UMNO led government refused to withdraw Interlok book as compulsory text. Interlok is an insult to our dignity and pride. How can we support UMNO led government that insults us. Let’s vote against UMNO to send a clear message that they must be fair to all Malaysians. Malaysian Indians must bring about political change together with other Malaysians. UMNO has only one agenda, and that is the “Malay Agenda,” and you will notice not even the “1Malaysia” concept can override this “Malay Agenda” whose slogan is, of course, “Ketuanan Melayu untuk Tanah Melayu!”.

Do not fear PAS. The results of this by election don’t change the state government. Therefore Malaysian Indians must use this by election to send a message that we don’t support UMNO’s Malay agenda. Say no to UMNO by voting PAS.

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