Dr. S. Ramakrishnan ask Minister of Health to state:

(a)         how many people have died of infection caused by rat urine or leptospirosis; and

(b)         what are the method for controlling the disease can be fatal, and the measures taken by the government to eliminate the increasing number of rats, especially in urban areas.


Minister of Health


Based on the record of admission to hospitals, the Ministry of Health, the number of deaths caused by leptospirosis disease in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 were respectively 22, 22, 47, and 62 cases respectively. The disease leptospirosis is caused by exposure to water or soil contaminated by animal urine containing bacteria leptospirosis. Thus, the main method for controlling the disease leptospirosis is to ensure environmental hygiene to avoid attracting animals such as mice host bacteria leptospirosis. In addition, early treatment with antibiotics can cure existing disease and prevent death. Therefore, the ministry strives to enhance public awareness about the disease through health education campaigns, publicity in the media and provide information on the website of the ministry that is accessible by the public. The ministry also included leptospirosis in the list of diseases to be reported in accordance with Act 342, Prevention & Control of Infectious Diseases 1988 (APPPB 1988). This measure is intended to enable the ministry to know the actual burden of disease and taking preventive measures and more effective disease control.

It should be stressed rats in an area that increases the risk of leptospirosis infection is associated with environmental hygiene. Thus, the public should always maintain a clean environment whether at home or in public places. In addition, the cooperation of various parties including local authorities is also important to ensure the cleanliness of the environment through management of food waste and rubbish properly and maintaining a proper drainage system can also help in controlling the number of rats in an area and thus reduce the risk of infection respect.

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