Dr. S. Ramakrishnan asks Prime Minister to state breakdown of civil servant by races and explain the plans of JPA better reflect the Malaysian identity in representing various races. Can the department indicate the number of non-Malays are not coming from Peninsular Malaysia which also called the “Bumiputra” is currently serving in the Federal Service, PSD, and BTN, not including the police, and military.





Until December 3, 2010, the racial statistics of civil servants working in the public sector (including police and military personnel) is composed of 78% Malay, 8.8% other Bumiputera, Chinese 5.5%, 4% Indians and 2% other non- Bumiputera.

The position of various ethnic statistics are achieved after a long time and was affected by several factors, including consistency of Bumiputera’s application, particularly for positions support groups, lack of applications from non-Bumiputera candidates and developing a more attractive job opportunities in the private sector.

However, the Appointing Authority, particularly the Public Service Commission since 2008 has undertaken efforts to attract the participation of candidates from non-Bumiputera group to apply to serve in the public sector. Among the work we have done is publish job advertisements and online registration through the website throughout the year and other media such as vernacular Sin Chew Daily, Tamil Nesan and Borneo Post newspapers, through radio and television as well as career exhibitions, roadshows and promotion in strategic locations such as public and private institutions. In addition, SPA has also established a working committee which also comprises non-Bumiputera employees to overcome the lack of participation of non-Bumiputera.

Up to 3 December 2010 the number of employees in the Federal Public Service from the Bumiputera of Sabah and Sarawak (not including police and military) is about 69,423 of which about 128 officers serving in the JPA, including filling the position of Director and Senior Deputy Director and 25 other peoples worked with Biro Tatanegara (BTN).


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