MIC only interested to score political points and not the welfare of Indian community

The recent huge and cry of MIC youth shows its hypocrisy in championing Indian issues. Yayasan Selangor did no better for Indians and Chinese under BN before 2008 and MIC youth did not say anything. But now that Yayasan Selangor is more accountable and transparent, they are criticized for their poor contribution towards non Malays communities. These are the legacies left behind by BN for Pakatan Rakyat to put right. Yayasan Selangor has a new General Manager who is willing to offer more loans, scholarships and places to non Malays in residential schools. But to-date the responses from non Malays are weak. Yayasan Selangor needs the support of Indian community leaders to enroll more students in residential schools, loans and scholarships. The political leaders should help enroll more students and not score political points at the expense of Indian community. 

MIC youth should stopping politicking and find ways to put in more Indians in these residential schools, loans and scholarships. MIC youth must find out the name of students who did not get the loans or scholarships after applying and highlight their case. The general manager of Yayasan Selangor says the number of students applying is small and even that reduces if the same students get PTPTN loans. Looks like PTPTN loan is more favored by Indian students. More students should apply for Yayasan Selangor loan because if the loan holder gets high points continuously the loan is converted to scholarship. MIC youth and their supporters should take the effort to register more local university students for Yayasan Selangor loan which can be converted into scholarship if the students can maintain high points every year.

Yayasan Selangor also runs residential schools all over Selangor. Standard 6 students who score a minimum 4 A and 1 B can apply for residential school. A student admitted to form 1, will get scholarship all the way to university. This year, out of 1200 students who applied for residential only 9 were Indians and 2 were Chinese. Yayasan Selangor has agreed to extend the closing date for residential schools from today (3/12/2010 to 10/12/2010). More Indian students, who have finished standard 6, should apply to study in residential schools. Application forms for residential schools, loans and scholarships can be down loaded from www.yayasanselangor.org.my website. Parents who apply are kindly requested to keep one copy of the application for referral purpose later. Tamil school headmasters must be more resourceful and show the way to parents. Parents and students who need more information on Yayasan Selangor residential school, loan or scholarship can contact senator S.Ramakrishnan, 03-79541830, fax no 03-79541831, H-6, 2nd floor, Jalan 8/1E, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.  

MIC youth and its supporter must go down to the ground find out what exactly is the problem with the community than merely issuing Press statements. Give a helping hand to the needy on the ground and don’t play politics with every issue.

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