Will abolishing UPSR/PMR resolve the deteriorating quality education

The deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin started the great debate on abolishing UPSR/PMR. There were public comments on newspapers and consultations meetings held but after all the noise there were no announcement on the outcome of fact findings and consultations. Credible common evaluation strengthens and gives a sense of purpose to the education process.

The former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir wanted Mathematics and science to be taught in English and overnight billions of dollars spent to prepare the syllabus, lab tops and teaching materials and even automated power point teacher. But only after 6 years(2003-2009) the teaching was reversed back to Bahasa Malaysia. In fact Malaysian education system is full of flip flops. There are a group of parents under the name PAGE clamoring the restoration of teaching mathematics and science in English. Therefore we don’t want another multi-billion dollar flip flop. Common public transparent examination should not be abolished as it will lead to another reversal after finding that it was a mistake abolishing. How would abolishing the examinations help to improve the learning and teaching system?

Internal examinations lack credibility and education ministry cannot manage complaints of favoritism, examination paper leaks and manipulations. All changes to education must be based on empirical research and not at the vim and fancy of politicians and bureaucrats. However the quality of learning and teaching has declined considerably over the years. The introduction of NEP in 1971 started the beginning of decline in education services. Dedicated and experienced teachers were slowly replaced with teachers who should not be teaching at all. Nearly after 40 years the education service has undergone a complete transformation.         

School heads don’t have the managerial expertise and ability that will help students compete and creative value. Education system do not promote the teaching of teamwork skills, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, communication skills, lifelong learning skills, and the attitude of fostering creativity and innovation. Majority of teachers are uncommitted, negative attitudes and callous. They are not interested in excellence and nation building. Mediocre teachers are promoted as school heads and only yes man senior officials in ministry gets promoted to higher positions. What kind of product can such a system produce? Looks like only crisis and suffering will teach the current bureaucrats the will to change for a better education system.

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