All is not too well in Malaysian police force.

Local people long harbored suspicion in what’s happening in Ladang gadong farm except the police.  The people dare not speak about it because the ‘DATUK BROTHERS’ have powerful connections. That looks Malaysia. In Malaysia powerful connections can open doors to important people. Its common to find a ‘Datuk’ involved in fraudulent and criminal cases. The palace authorities must have a vigilant look out for people who carry royal titles and enter into criminal acts. Their misdoings can bring disrespect for the palace institutions. This ‘Datuk Lawyer’ is suspected to be the cause for about 17 killings. How did he escape the long arms of law so far with so many murders and moving around comfortably with VIPs.

Something is seriously wrong with the Malaysian society and its authorities. Police reports on missing persons are brushed aside as non actionable by police themselves. Yet the police higher ups do not know what’s happening on the ground. Only after the intriguing findings from this murder case the IGP issues statement that police reports must be attended and action must be taken. If more than one report made against one person the police alarm should trigger immediate actions. Where is the KPI/NKRA on police reports made?  There seem to be no accountability and responsibility on the part of police department. Yet the police get praises for the hard work on this murder investigation during Hari Raya breaks. Had the police took action on all the previous police reports the murder of Datuk sosilawati and three others could have been avoided. It is the Police under watch in this murder case for all the past inaction and non investigations of reports people made.

To the police personnel it may be just one of another report but to the person making the report it may be a matter of live and death to him or her. Belittling the police reports made by grieving parties is denying the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order. This attitude and work culture of police personnel could be the contributing factor for the high incidence of snatch thieves, pick pockets and gruesome murders thought the country.   A number of lawyers murdered with no further action taken. Where is the people first performance now action.  Enough of empty slogans hanging all over police stations.

Police department always gets priority in their wants and needs from the government yet the performance of police department in Malaysia is far from desired. It’s time for police authorities to wake up and start investigations on police reports that are gathering dust in various police stations. They owe an explanation to the general public on the past inactions to Malaysians who have made police reports. They need more professionals who are race and religion blind with positive and proactive mindset. Instead of going after political activist, police must target criminals and frauds that seem to be well connected.

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