The brickfields little India is a hurried and ill conceived project

Despite the ongoing physical development in brickfields little India, there is no effort to address the cries and uncertain future of petty traders’ loss of business in the current temporary locations. Yet the authorities are more concerned and continue to spent money on the beautification and installing artifacts. The neglected petty traders and hawkers complains are not falling in the minister’s or deputy minister’s hears. There was no in-depth study, expert opinions and no real effort to make petty traders survive in the new location. They face an uncertain future with no customers coming due the poor infrastructure like parking, traffic congestion and confusing traffic flows and DBKL has no clue to solve the problem. DBKL must have the political will and expert advice to build a proper food court with sufficient parking, drainage, garbage clearing capacity to appease the affected petty traders and hawkers.             

DBKL has formed a task force to look into the contentious issues raised. The task force do not have urban development experts and planners to assess the physical and human characteristics needed to make little India successful. Minister for Wilayah Persekutuan and Urban Wellbeing Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal is confident that all will fall in place once the project is completed. The whole project missed the “people first and performance now” slogan of Prime Minister. There are many unresolved issues with no consensus yet. There was no blue print and open consensus building discussion at the inception of little India.

It looks like this development is done to provide contracts for government cronies and not to help and develop brickfields into successful little India. It shows the inability of government agencies like DBKL to really understand the problem and come out with successful and profitable development. What is the objective of the brickfields little India development? Is it to genuinely help the affected traders or just to show case the government effort to buy Indian community votes. In the process of building little India there seem to be more unhappy parties than beneficiary ones. DBKL time and again overlooks the need to provide parking facilities in township development projects. With the years of town planning and management experience, DBKL should not be undergoing this kind flip flops and messy negotiation processes. DBKL being the largest city council in the country should provide exemplary roles lessons and roles for other councils to emulate.

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