Why must headmasters/headmistresses refer school society formation for approval of state director of education?

The recent write up by citizen Nades in the SUN newspaper with regards the dissolving of non-Muslim associations in klang high school by the state director of education shows the extent of centralization of decision making by government departments.

This is a school matter that could be handled easily by the headmistress but she intern passed her responsibility to the state education department. If a school administration matter like this too has to go to education department then we don’t need a headmaster or headmistress, just a clerk will be able to handle the job.

All the clerk has to do is pass the buck to education department and relay back the education department decision to teachers and parents. It is disgraceful and demeaning as a head of school to function like a postman. It is a clear sign of central control and command by the ministry and polarization of education system.

Even to form religious groups by students professing that religion under the guidance of the school teachers seem to be intolerable and action taken swiftly. The swift action taken regardless of the fact that these societies have been in the schools for many years co-existing harmoniously and contributing positively in molding good characters among students. School life is the most memorable and valuable part of students life.

This is an opportunity to imbibe good values and close relationship with like minded friends. They should be intern encouraged to forge cross religious and cross cultural relationships with other religions and cultures. They are students and innocent and this is the time build tolerance and acceptance of each other religion and culture.

Now that the minister in prime minister’s department has highlighted that the cabinet has not issued such directives to schools, shows that the Selangor director of education has acted unilaterally.

The director of education should be reprimanded to show that such unilateral action which is parochial will be dealt severely in future. Does the ministry have any courage to take action on these little napoleons? It is like the prime minister telling that hindraf is an extremist organization but Perkasa is patriotic.

That is 1Malaysia for our prime minister.

This incidence shows that parents and teachers should not simply follow directives and decisions made by ministry level unquestionably. They must highlight problematic and narrow minded decisions to media and public.

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