Evenness of the Mind

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

See, you may do many acts. Every act is supposed to bring about its desired outcome. In fact, we take up an action only for getting a specific result. If an action is well designed and well executed, normally the desired result will come. Rarely, due to unpredictable and providential factors, the expected result may not come.

Now, in the language of the mind there are only three results: ishtha (desirable), anishtha (undesirable) and mishra (a mixture of the two). Bhagavadgeeta says, whether it is a desired outcome or an undesired outcome or a combination of the two, your mind should remain sufficiently profound and poised to assimilate it. Instead of taking a preferential and partial stand, always be prepared to receive any outcome that arises.

Suppose two teams are playing. If both of them always play with equal excellence and always it becomes a draw, will you be happy? Even if both the teams play their best, finally one team has to lose and the other has to win. So, if we have played our best we should be able to accept defeat also in the right spirit without getting afflicted or disturbed.

The point is that the multiple physical outcomes do not enter the mind. They remain outside. In the level of the mind, the responses are only three – desirable, undesirable and a mixture of the two. Bhagavadgeeta says: Try to have an even outlook towards the three. Perform well and never worry about the results.

Study well. Prepare well. On the appointed day, go to the examination hall and write as it comes to you. If you have not studied well, is it right that you wish to have good marks? If you have studied well then you will write well; why should you need to have any desire to score well? If you have not studied, then you have no reason to worry. If you have studied well, it is unnecessary and redundant to worry. So why should you worry at all? In this way, you have to rationalize and keep your mind resolved.

Now, this is an orientation you have to develop. And all activities, including study or appearing for examination, provide opportunities to bring about this inner orientation, whereby the preferences and prejudices are eliminated and we have a uniform, wholesome outlook. You must have a very broad comprehensive platform in your mind from which you start looking at things and interacting so that every interaction and interactional outcome will prove to be an enrichment. This is possible only because of the fact that our mind is basically spiritual in nature. Being subtle and spiritual, its dimensions are unlimited.

*  *  *

News from Narayanashrama Tapovanam:

* Gurupoornima this year falls on 25th July.
* The Annual Jnaana Yajna in Malaysia start on 27th Aug.
* Anna Vastra Daana Satram 2010 (rice & clothes distribution) will start early July. (for more details click here)

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