Call for non animal alternative methods to replace animal lab testing

While many insensitive and ignorant people continue to argue for indiscriminate use of animals for lab testing, the call to stop and legislate animal lab testing are growing louder too. Caring public is outraged about the use of animals for lab testing purposes because of no regulation and supervision in the labs.

Animal rights activist are against cruel, poor scientific practice and poorly regulated lab testing of animals. They are against inflicting pain and fear on animals by humans.

Many humans may not understand this concern of animal activists because of their low level of awareness to their surrounds and their unconcern of other fellow beings. We may be on the same earth but humans have different level of awareness towards animal beings. Apathy towards animal cruelty shows the level of civility said Mahatma Gandhi.

People who care and are concerned of animal testing in labs want alternatives to animal testing. People for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) and their counterparts are calling for effective, affordable and humane research methods which include studies of human populations, volunteers, and patients as well as sophisticated in vitro, genomic, and computer-modeling techniques.

They further add that comparative studies of human populations allow doctors and scientists to discover the root cause of human diseases and disorders so that preventive action can be taken. Epidemiological studies led to the discoveries of the relationship between smoking and cancer and to the identification of heart disease risk factors.

PETA reports that the majority of medical schools in the U.S., including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale, have replaced their use of live animals in physiology, pharmacology, and/or surgical-training exercises with humane and effective non-animal teaching methods, including observation of actual human cardiac bypass surgery, patient simulators, cadavers, sophisticated computer programs, and more.

An increasing number of veterinary schools have been able to employ similar humane educational alternatives, thereby saving the lives of countless animals who in the past would have been killed for the purposes of dissection or suffered through unnecessary surgeries.

According to PETA findings animal experimentation is a multibillion-dollar industry fueled by massive public funding and involving a complex web of corporate, government, and university laboratories, cage and food manufacturers, and animal breeders, dealers, and transporters. The industry and its people profit because animals cannot defend themselves against abuse, are legally imprisoned and exploited.

Animal activist like PETA, SAM and SPCA are courageous whistleblowers who undertake voluntary worker and urge members of the public, educational institutions and politicians to care and formulate legislations to protect and care for animals who can’t speak for themselves. Imagine a world without the wildlife but all human beings.

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