Animal testing facility in Malacca is morally and ethically unacceptable.

The approval of animal testing facility in Malacca is inhuman and an insult to all decent people of Malaysia. Helpless and defenseless animals are being transported across to Malacca and tested without any code of conduct.

It is inhuman to test animals because what is done in these labs will not be done to any human. It does not mean that when tested positively on animals it will work on humans therefore it is a total waste.

In fact they should test on humans who want to use those products. The laws should be amended to make it legal to test on human. Animal testing should be banned because it is cruel, not reliable, inaccurate, and below human decency.

To quote from the founding father of India “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. India should follow the spirit of its founding father and prevent the export of animals.

This testing lab is planned in Malaysia because Malaysian government has no regards towards the welfare of animals. Our laws and its implementation are half hearted and ineffective in animal care and protection.

I call upon the Malaysian government to strengthen wild life conservation laws. The law enforcement must be effective. Despite blatant abuse of animals in the shows and zoos, the department of wild life and national park did not prosecute anybody. It looks like the department is supporting the animal abusers.

Malaysian government seems to be only concerned about the revenue from tourism activities and tacitly supports all these violation of animal welfare. I urge all Malaysians wherever they are to ask their elected representatives to send a strong message of protest to the government on the way animals are treated in our country.

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