Voting Results Reflects More Malaysian


In the recently concluded Ulu Selangor by election, the voting trend shows an urban rural divide and less of race divide. Urbanites of all races voted for Pakatan rakyat and rural folks of all races voted for BN. BN has a strong influence over the flow of information to rural folks. They depend on main stream media which is heavily controlled and manipulated to provide biased and distorted information that favors BN. The urbanites have access to alternate Medias. I must commend the Chinese media for providing critical and analytical information to its readers so that they can make an informed decision.

MIC has used thugs, goodies, free flow of liquor and unlimited feasting for the last seven days to slowly turn the voters in estate and Taman2 to its favor. MIC thrives on the ignorance and poverty of estate and urban poor. Local Thugs and MIC leaders work hand in hand to turn the voters in its favor. MIC is the stumbling block for the alleviation of Indian working class from their current predicament.      

UMNO and BN have broken all moral decency in winning and ruling the federal government. They used and abused money media and government machinery without any regard for accountability and transparency. This prompts the next question that is will UMNO and BN ever change? All it matters to UMNO and BN is winning at any cost. Money was flowing in Felda and Malay areas. Is UMNO working towards making Felda and rural Malays dependent on them? They are not empowering the rural Malay minds but are constantly putting them on clutches.

Senator S.Ramakrishnan

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