Issues Concerning Indians in Ulu Selangor


Ulu Selangor is a parliamentary seat that was occupied by a Deputy Minister for the past 20 years. He was deputy minister for welfare and women affairs. Yet in Ulu Selangor there is high level of poverty, unemployment, juvenile delinquency among the Indian youths. The MIC deputy minister for the past 20 years has clearly failed to solve these pressing problems of the Indian community. Estates taken up for development did not provide housing, jobs and social security for these estate workers. Taman Bukit Teratai was a NLFCS estate and they have provided housing and infrastructures for the estate community. The other nearby estates did not provide houses but built houses for workers to buy. Therefore there are low cost flats and low cost houses all over Batang kali and Kuala Kubu Bharu. The people residing in these flats and low cost houses work in nearby factories and other odd work. There are also large numbers of teenagers without work and have become thugs and alcoholics.      

Many people Ulu Selangor have Red ICs and old people look worn off after years working in estates in harsh conditions. Now they are suffering from ailment and old age some of whom are depending on their children. Many do not have government welfare scheme and with meager income lead a very simple and subdued life.  Their common problem is welfare help, medical support and support and retirement benefits. This happened in the constituency of MIC MP who was deputy welfare minister. MIC/BN has led down the people. MIC leaders are surrounded by thugs. People cannot approach them. Recently a Maika holding shareholder questioned Datuk Seri Samy velu about Maika investments. He was bashed, carried and thrown out of the hall. Anybody question gets whacked by thugs. No political leader of any other party will do this to his/her constituent except Datuk Seri Samy Velu and MIC leaders. That’s why the Indian community is left behind BN and MIC. BN never bothered to come out with any affirmative action or plan for this marginalized people.

Despite the sacrifices of the estate community in economic growth for Malaysia, UMNO still calls them immigrant. UMNO/BN is ungrateful to estate workers and all the estate of by GLCs chucked them outside after squeezing the best part of them. The present state government under has set up an office in klang called MYCEL to handle this Red IC problem of people born in Malaysia for the past 50/60 years. This has never happened before.            

DUN Batang Kali was state seat of former Menteri Besar Taip Mohd bin Mohd for many years. And in this state seat three are large number of number of house and flats abandoned and left incomplete. Many housing projects here were approved during Taib Mohd’s tenure as menteri besar. The state government under Taib Mohd and ministry of housing and local did not monitor and protect the house buyers. Many poor people with their hard earned income and with bank loan bought the houses. Now they are left with paying the housing loan with no house and still living in rented house. The developers who have abandoned their projects have got away without any action taken against them.  The state government under Taib Mohd clearly failed the people here. He was the ADUN of Batang kali and Menteri Besar. It is another case of BN clearly failing the poor people. He had so much money that he took cash into Australia and get caught by Australian police.

Unemployment is high in these areas but thousands and thousands of foreign workers are working here. BN cronies were given license to bring in foreign workers indiscriminately. Federal government did not enforce the corporate social responsibility of factories and companies located in Batang kali. These companies must provide jobs and contracts to local people and local vendors/contractors. The ministry of human resources must register eligible youths for skill training and job placement. Besides, the main contractor must monitor their vendors to provide proper social security and medical support to their workers. Land allocation for farming and agriculture will help many residents in rural Ulu Selangor.

 Senator S.Ramakrishnan

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One Comment on “Issues Concerning Indians in Ulu Selangor”

  1. honesty Says:

    Being in that state for decadeds, and with no advancement in all fronts it beats why Indians still support the present regime.
    Maybe those volunteers for PR/leaders can visit them regualrly and educate them on their rights, an exercise according to the election lingo called working with the grassroots.
    Should ask them point blank -do you want to continue being poor and looked down upon?
    Ignorance should not be the excuse in this 21st century

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