Government Clinics without Doctor?

Government Clinic without doctors?


The 50 1Malaysia clinics in urban areas with medical assistants and nurses running instead of doctors are deemed illegal under the medical Act 1998. This is an unprofessional conduct on the part of government because medical assistants and nurses are not the ones who assess the patients and recommend the next course of action by writing case notes. Medical assistants and registered nurses however are not trained in diagnostics and have not undergone the thoroughness and training under medical experts and therefore their knowledge and ability is questionable. Even a doctor can make mistake in diagnosing patients what more medical assistants. Who will bear the cost and consequences of insurance claims when there is mistake in prescription and diagnosis?    

We welcome the government’s concern about the health needs of the people, but however government should realize that throughout the country, there are many general practitioner clinics available in almost every urban shopping complex and shop houses which will make 1Malaysia redundant.

In this context, the establishment of the new 1Malaysia clinics appears to be unnecessary. If the government feels that these clinics should be set up despite the protest of the medical profession, then the least it should do is to ensure that these clinics are manned by registered medical doctors. The standard of medical care should not be compromised.

The introduction of the 1Malaysia clinics has more political connotations than a genuine attempt at providing quality healthcare to the poor. Clinics run by Medical assistants and registered nurses with the minimal of equipment are a waste of public funds. Would any of our VIPs seek a medical assistant and nurse for even a simple ailment? Definitely they would see a specialist for best medical care. Then why we need this 1Malaysia clinic and waste public funds?

Instead of 1Malaysia clinics, it might have been more prudent to reorganize the government hospital administration to be more efficient and conducive for medical doctors to stay with government service longer. There must be true meritocracy and good governance in hospital management by Ministry of Health. It is the government policy of pseudo meritocracy that messed up the hospital management and drove many good doctors away from public service. Malaysia once had one of the best medical services in the world according to U.N. Government must make genuine effort to bring affordable medical service to all Malaysian citizens. These basic human rights are abdicated by BN government. The sole aim now seems to be enriching themselves at the expense of people.

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