The political persecution of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy hearing is covered with detailed accounts in all print and electronic media. The government seems determined to charge the opposition leader at any cost with a large prosecution team and occupying the precious time of the courts.

The main stream media is conducting its own trial in the media by giving prominence and wide coverage to the prosecution’s first witness. Is there a sinister motive behind all these efforts by the federal government? After all the federal government has the authority to renew media licenses.

UMNO led Barisan National government has lost its iron grip of the past since the unprecedented election results of March 2008. The ruling party has lost eight by elections and won the 9th by election since the last general elections.

UMNO leadership is forced to change its racial stances to accommodate the non Malays who have all flocked to opposition parties. The grand 1Malaysia plan was implemented with all the pomp and splendor.

Besides that the UMNO leadership has gone on an overdrive to slander and tarnish the leadership of Pakatan Rakyat. They want to destroy Anwar who made the Pakatan Rakyat possible.

The second sodomy prosecution seems to be part of a grand plan to dispose of the charismatic leader. To UMNO, Anwar Ibrahim has become a big problem to manage.

Therefore this sodomy 2 seems a repeat of sodomy 1 from which Anwar was acquitted. To the public the prosecution of Anwar is a political persecution. Their sympathy is with him.

Will the UMNO 1Malaysia work? On the 2nd February Prime Minister Naib Tun Razak’s special officer had spilled the bean by threatening to cancel the citizenship of Indians and Chinese if they continue to demand to increase the SPM subjects to 12.

He went further by passing derogatory remarks that Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese women came here for prostitution. UMNO leadership is talking as though it is a small matter and that this remark will not derail the 1Malaysia rhetoric.

UMNO’s apologists MIC and MCA are defending and covering up for UMNO’s racist remarks.

The success of 1Malaysia depends on Malaysians and not the BN leaders. Malaysians want a genuine and real 1Malaysia and not the pseudo 1Malaysia with racist parties in power, racist policies dictating the daily life of Malaysians.

Worst still the special officer who said the derogative remarks seems to be getting away without any punitive action for sedition and racial instigation. This will only embolden other racists from racial parties to keep on provoking racial incitement.

UMNO must outgrow the era of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and move towards a legacy to become less racial and accommodative towards the non Malays. The non Malay Malaysians are here to stay and their contribution is very important for this blessed nation to prosper and to be part and parcel of the international community.

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