Nasir’s blunder

The special officer to Prime Minister, Datuk Nasir bin Safar, has exposed the 1Malaysia scam by telling off Malaysian Indians and Chinese as immigrants to this country (pendatang) for begging and selling their bodies.

These remarks totally disregards and negates the enormous contribution of Malaysian Indians and Chinese be it economy, political, cultural, social and sports.

This shows the duplicity and shallowness of the 1Malaysia campaign and slogan chanting rhetoric among the UMNO circle. UMNO, which was set up as a racial party, is becoming more racist by the day. UMNO members present in the seminar did not walk out in protest of this remark. Does it mean that they accept and condone what Nasir said?

It is shocking that this special officer to Najib Tun Razak told off the Malaysian Indians and Chinese in such a vulgar and crude manner at a public function on 1Malaysia and in the presence of MIC and MCA supporters.

Tendering a resignation after saying a colossal and derogatory remark of this nature will not send a strong message to other racists within UMNO.

Najib should sack him from UMNO and charge him under the Sedition Act and penal code 505. His Datukship should be revoked by the government.

A former UMNO state assemblymen and special officer to Prime Minister had made demeaning remarks but there were no calls from UMNO for action against him. This shows the indignation and non acceptance of 1Malaysia among UMNO leaders.

It looks like only Najib is talking about 1Malaysia and the other leaders in UMNO are reluctant followers. UMNO should be grateful to Malaysian Indians and Chinese for their contributions.

The mainstream media has blanked out this remark and some have given minor coverage. They instead blow out of proportion the grumblings made by Pakatan Rakyat leaders. This shows the government muscles and keeps tight control over the mainstream media which deprives Malaysians from knowing the shallowness and empty slogans of UMNO leaders.

MIC and MCA leaders, although protesting over the remark, still support racist UMNO. This clearly demonstrates that they cannot live without UMNO handouts, positions in the government and the power associated with it.

There is no seriousness and real protest from the MIC and MCA over the racial slander of UMNO. This will only embolden the racist attitude of UMNO.

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