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Personal Data Protection Bill 2009

February 23, 2010


The data protection bill 2009 is to be tabled and debated in the March sitting of parliament. Please read and post any comments and feedbacks that can make the bill more effective in its purpose.

 An act which regulate the processing of personal data in commercial transactions and to provide for matters therewith and incidental thereto.The aim of this bill is to regulate the collection, holding, processing and using of any data or information pertaining to an individual person, such as name, date of birth, address, sex, finances, preferences, etc.

 Besides that, it is also to provide adequate security and privacy in handling personal information, create confidence among consumers and users of both networked and non-network environment, accelerate uptake of electronic transactions, and promote a secure electronic environment in line with the objectives of MSC. The Bill sets up the appointment of a Commissioner for personal data protection and a personal data protection tribunal.

 Under the proposed Bill, all the data must be collected fairly and lawfully and the purpose of collecting the data must be specified and lawful.Personal data must only be used for the purpose in which the data is collected or any other purposes directly related to it. (more…)

Goods and Servises Tax Bill

February 23, 2010


 Government is planning to table this bill in the upcoming parliament sitting.


 The current consumption tax in the form of the sale and service tax (SST) will be abolished and be replaced with GST.

 The reason given by our government to implement this GST is to get more funds for development and expenses. (Estimated to get extra rm1billion then the current collection – which is rm12billions)

 However, there are few clauses which can be said to be arbitrary and disadvantage clause. (more…)

The Credit Reporting Agency Bill

February 23, 2010


 The government is planning to table the credit reporting bill for debate and if they get the approval of parliament both lower and upper house; it will be enacted into a law. Below are some facts about this bill. Dear readers, if you have reservation or if you want add anything regarding this bill, please email to  

Purpose of this bill – Seeks to provide for registration and regulations of persons carrying on a credit reporting business that involves the processing of credit information.

 (i.e) currently, 1 of the credit reporting agency in Malaysia – Credit Tip Off Services Sdn. Bhd – accused as giving wrong and inaccurate information about a customer which subsequently  cause the customer to go bankruptcy. (more…)

Make Sports Challenging and Rewarding to Attract Teens

February 23, 2010


Malaysia is one country which backpedaled on every aspect be it sports, economy, public delivery, education, race relations, health and you name it. The government politicized and meddled in all the sports associations. Every sports organization is either headed by a BN politician or the royal family. Foreign football coaches were dumped as no good but the same coach can take another team to world cup. Malaysian sports association leaders are all aligned to BN and its cronies. There is no meritocracy in the selection and management of sports associations. The results after spending millions is zero and they blame everybody else accept themselves.

What’s the way forward? Firstly the Minister of Sports and his officials must do some soul searching as to why did we came to this doldrums. An honest and sincere effort is needed for this purpose. Is there political will to put things straight and make some bold changes? (more…)

Government Clinics without Doctor?

February 23, 2010

Government Clinic without doctors?


The 50 1Malaysia clinics in urban areas with medical assistants and nurses running instead of doctors are deemed illegal under the medical Act 1998. This is an unprofessional conduct on the part of government because medical assistants and nurses are not the ones who assess the patients and recommend the next course of action by writing case notes. Medical assistants and registered nurses however are not trained in diagnostics and have not undergone the thoroughness and training under medical experts and therefore their knowledge and ability is questionable. Even a doctor can make mistake in diagnosing patients what more medical assistants. Who will bear the cost and consequences of insurance claims when there is mistake in prescription and diagnosis?    

We welcome the government’s concern about the health needs of the people, but however government should realize that throughout the country, there are many general practitioner clinics available in almost every urban shopping complex and shop houses which will make 1Malaysia redundant. (more…)