UMNO is the instigator of all racial tension in Malaysia

Whenever UMNO is down, all it needs is a racial issue to camouflage and reinforce its pre-eminence in Malaysian politics and its dominance in BN. The bottom line is that it needs to regain the lost Malay vote base.

PAS and PKR have eroded the UMNO Malay vote base. Malaysians are learning to accept that multiracialism is the way forward. UMNO, which is a race based party, is threatened to its core by this change in the Malay mind-set and  is trying to politicize the “ALLAH” issue for Malays.

But the question is does the Malay community accept and value UMNO’s action and does it transform into votes?

Even the non-Malays are coming to realise that PAS and PKR are better and more responsible replacement to UMNO as champions of the Malay cause. Amidst all these changes UMNO saw the Allah issue as an opportunity to redeem itself.

The UMNO racist champions are intimidating the judiciary into submission to its cause. It’s the same old game played by many UMNO leaders to emerge champions when the party lost its grip on power in 1969, 1987 and 2001.

What UMNO hawks failed to see is that their trampling over the high court decision has far reaching effects on Malaysian constitution and judicial institutions. Sensitivity of one group cannot rule over justice and court decisions.

This development is most unfortunate at a time when Malaysia is falling out of favour as a destination for foreign direct investments. How can we justify these turn of event in our judicial institutions?

The actions of these racist politicians has made all efforts and funds spent to promote 1Malaysia go to waste. These developments are diminishing and shattering real hopes of nation building.

These politicians’ actions has made moderate Malaysia fall in the same league as Pakistan, Somalia and other Taliban influenced countries. It’s a pity that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak cannot rein in his UMNO colleagues.

In short, their action has brought shame to Malaysia internationally.

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One Comment on “UMNO is the instigator of all racial tension in Malaysia”

  1. Biro Tata Negara Says:

    You know what ? If you think about it carefully, all this nonsense that is happening in our country is actually the evil indoctrination of the BTN and the UMNO led racist regime. Its that simple. Break Temples, Burn Churches, Don’t give jobs to Chinese & Indians in the Government. Dont’ give promotions to them. Don’t give them Scholarships. Don’t give them loans. Just keep supressing them. Divide the Muslims and Non Muslims at primary schools itself and they will finally migrate and this will be the land of the Malays Only. This is the grand plan or BTN and UMNO. Wake up MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP. Are you blind ? You are just a mural in the showcase to show the world that we are multi racial so that Malaysia can get foreign Investments. Its all a big joke. This is the real thing. Malaysia is definately going towards Zimbabwe.

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