Cut wastage, eradicate incompetency and save Malaysians the 4% GST burden

Government’s effort to raise RM1 billion by introducing Goods and Services tax (GST) is another example of being penny wise but pound foolish. Time and again opposition lawmakers and concerned groups have highlighted the wastages in government spending, the nepotism and lack of transparency in awarding contracts and the poor quality of decision-making in government services.

But the BN government continues to ignore the opposition voices as irrelevant. On one hand the government engages itself in the high sounding slogans of change for the better, while simultaneously increasing 4% in GST.

It is high time the BN government takes all measures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery services, improve the financial management of taxes collected, creates an openness in awarding contracts and privatization of revenue generating enterprises.

The government has not shown any concern about financial leakages but instead increases taxes at the earliest opportunity possible.

If the BN government is really concerned about the welfare of people they must take into account views expressed by the opposition and include them in formulating and implementing money bills.

Implementing GST during an economic downturn and global slowdown is not prudent and will cause even more hardship to the poor and needy. Government needs to be more transparent to Malaysians as to how they have spent the revenue earned from Petronas.

The  BN Government must look into the annual audit report and bring to court those perpetrators involved in malpractices as an endeavor to improve the checks and balances.

The 4% GST proposed by the government is at different levels of distribution channels unlike the previous 10% ST which is collected at source. Therefore the 4% GST could inflict more pain to the poor.

Besides, does the government have the collection mechanism in place? Government must reveal the basis on which this 4% GST is implemented.

Therefore, I call upon the government to deliberate further on this issue through consultation with the opposition political parties and not to bulldoze it in Parliament.

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